Carla Vigo enters TV and signs for Mediaset


The rapid rise of Carla Vigo continue Burning phase The huge steps. If he avoided the camera completely before, now he starts to spread out like a fish in the water. In fact, it will be in front of them. The bombshell of the afternoon’s information was to know that Queen Letizia’s niece had jumped onto the small screen. Of course, Mediaset of Spain was behind.

In this way, his landing in “Sobreviviré” has been officially confirmed, and the show he proposed Nagor RoblesThe space will return next Monday after the summer vacation on the 30th. From now on, one of the most attractive places will be watching Carla Vigo’s performance. If it’s just a one-time or permanent partner, then the gorgeous signing remains to be seen. Another important question is whether she will eventually dare to talk about her family or, on the contrary, whether she will remain closed as it is now and restrict herself from commenting on reality.Anyway, it has left Eleanor’s Welsh Adventure.

Nagore will certainly warmly welcome the Queen’s niece. The show is one of Mediaset’s big bets in the new TV season.A few months ago his success was so great that now he has a place on the grill Monday to Thursday 3:00 pm. It is necessary to emphasize the evolution of “survival”. It saw the dawn of the idea of ​​bringing the news of “Survivor 2021” to Spanish families, but with a rebellious touch, targeting the younger generation. “Influencers” and “tiktokers” have already cooperated in this regard. Mediaset defines the Nagore program as “Talk Show, Backstage, and Digital Salcio”. Paradoxically, it will coincide with the “save me” in the broadcast.

Amor Romeira and Carla Vigo / Gtres

For this new adventure, Carla Vigo will not be alone.He was accompanied by other well-known faces, such as the actor Víctor Palomero (Víctor Palomero), who is famous for his interpretation of “Alba Recio” in the popular series “La que se avecina”; Malbert , The most rude “youtuber”; “tiktoker” Marina Yers and Alexia Rivas, they will reveal She is dating Gianmarco’s brother or not.

Cara has successfully become one of the correct names for her merits. As she said, “No one gave me anything”For a long time, it has avoided its status as the Queen of Spain and has been trying to find a place. We have seen her take part in different photo activities accompanied by her good friend Amor Romeira. To be precise, it appeared in his video clip. He dances flamenco and has taken the first step in acting. His goal is high because he realizes that he will accept the role in The Crown. Also in social networks, it started to have influence as it grew from 20,000 followers to more than 26,000 in a month. Carla Vigo continues to let people talk about it, this is just another step in her career.

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