Carla Barber is distraught at the death of his grandfather


Carla Barber She suffered a serious setback, which caused her to collapse completely. While the model was enjoying a few days of vacation in Istanbul, she learned a piece of news she never wanted to receive: her grandfather, Angel Garcia Mediavila, At the age of 90. Because of what happened, the first thing the former survivor player did in the morning was to take the plane to say the last goodbye to this family member who was so special to her and her family.

Grandfather Doctor On Saturday, October 30th, at 1:15 pm, he was fired at the San Jose Funeral Home in Burgos. Later, he was cremated, as seen in the obituary that Barber himself shared on her social network.

Karabarb is in Madrid. /Gtres

Turned into a bittersweet year Kara Barber. After separating from Dr. Esquivel, Dr. Esquivel announced that he would be the father of his first child in the next few months, and Carla began to establish a relationship with Diego Matamoros. However, they have all embarked on their own paths. This is not all, because the business woman was diagnosed with incurable heart disease in September. After undergoing multiple medical examinations to find out the diagnosis, Carla Barber revealed her problem from her Instagram account.

Carla Barber on a summer night in Madrid.  /Gtres
Carla Barber on a summer night in Madrid. /Gtres

«I have a lot to say to you, but I still don’t feel it.On the other hand, I hope that the message you convey is as clear and the best as possible, because I know it will be able to help many people in the future. Don’t worry, I’m in a good state of mind, and my life will always be like this until now,” he began via a video.

“Just a month ago, they told me that I had a heart attack. He hasn’t told you anything because he is waiting to make a decision. I have a disease called Brugda syndromeThis is a channel disease that causes arrhythmia and causes sudden death,” she said calmly, because the probability of this happening is only 3%. “I think I have a 97% chance that it won’t happen to me,” he “Thanks to the cardiologists who performed the tests to detect this disease, namely Dr. Paco Torres from Marbella, and Dr. Pedro Brugada, who met with me after I was diagnosed with this disease,” he said. The treatment received by the doctor she treated. In this sense, Kara Barber is still “very positive”. “I’m fine,” he revealed to his own people Followers.

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