Cargo pants: trends in the dressing room of Infanta Sofía


started a few weeks ago fall With the new season, it’s clear that new trends are flooding the streets again, including the famous cargo pants. We don’t stop seeing novelties in any store.Therefore, we can confirm that this garment is our locker room

Infanta Sofía with her grandmother Doña Sofía and Princess Leonor / Gtres

Bershka offers us countless styles of cargo pants, from riskier designs to other, simpler ones. In fact, this is a garment that could make Infanta Leonor herself fall in love, a true follower of Inditex, just like her mother Queen Letizia and her sister, Princess Eleanor.

Bershka / Bershka Cargo Pants
Bershka / Bershka Cargo Pants

Needless to say, in Princess of Girona Award A few years ago, the youngest granddaughter Don Juan Carlos and Dona Sofia He chose the low-cost look with the most reviews. In fact, his effortless style, in those acts that call for it, confirms that cargo pants could be the next step in his spacious dressing room. From Look we did a search on the Amancio Ortega website and we found the perfect model for the Infanta.

is the manufactured model organic cotton Khaki (although there is also a black version) “At least 50% of the cotton is converted to organic cotton. This cotton comes from plantations that are in the process of transitioning to organic farming. It is produced using natural fertilizers and pesticides, and does not use genetically modified seeds. In this way, This cotton promotes organic farming. This garment is produced using techniques that help us reduce the amount of water used in dyeing and washing,” they explained from their signature Amancio Ortega.

Queen Letizia and Princess Sofia / Gtres
Queen Letizia and Princess Sofia / Gtres

The ‘street’ trend is on the rise

Since 2018, cargo pants have been featured on haute couture shows by companies like Prada or Balenciaga. Over the years, this fashion has managed to establish itself with its greatest prosperity in the 2022/2023 season. Needless to say, Marta Ortega herself wore these versatile pants to an appearance during the Madrid Horse Week, as you can wear them with sneakers and heels or sandals.

Celebrities like Zendaya, Chiara Ferragni, the Kardashians and more have also joined the trend. Not only are they available in the Inditex group of companies, but H&M, Mango or Shein also have this design among the many proposals for summer.


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