Captain Lee Rosbach forced below decks: ‘One of the most humiliating experiences of my life’ –


Capt. Lee Rosbach

Laurent Bassett/Bravo

Capt. Lee Rosbach is disembarking from below deck.

The Bravo personality (nicknamed “The Stud of the Sea”) announced his departure on Monday’s episode, informing his crew that lingering health issues meant he would have to retire from season 10 early.

It is true that Rosbach was struggling with nervous problems when he boarded the motor yacht. Saint David at the start of the charter season, but hoped that his symptoms would subside over time. Instead, she shared in a confessional interview: “My injury, it’s getting worse. The left side of my body, I don’t feel anything:”

He continued: “I was expecting a lot more progress than I’m experiencing, and the most frustrating part is that I can’t do anything about it, and it’s hard.”

Later, he told her the cook rachel hargrove“This has probably been one of the most humiliating experiences of my life.”

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Capt. Lee Rosbach

Jim Spellman/Getty Images

As Monday’s episode progressed, Rosbach realized that he had to consider that his health issues could impact the entire ship. “The pain is getting worse, not better. I owe it to my crew to do right by them. They expect that of me,” she said.

“There comes a time when if a captain is really objective, he has to put the best interests of his crew first because that is his primary responsibility,” he said. “As soon as you get on board, check your damn ego on the dock. That is…


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