Capitol Assault Committee accuses Trump of hiding


Washington (EFE).- The United States Congressional Committee investigating the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 accuses former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) of going into hiding for refusing to testify despite his summons.

This Monday was the deadline for Trump to testify before the committee, but the former president filed a complaint last week with Justice precisely to avoid having to appear before this body of Congress.

“Donald Trump is obligated to explain himself to the American people. In the coming days, we will assess the steps to take in this legal dispute and in relation to the former president’s lack of compliance,” the committee chairman said. , Bennie Thompson, and Vice President, Liz Cheney, in a statement.

Trump filed the lawsuit last Friday in a court in Florida, where he resides, and his attorney, David Warrington, said the precedents in such cases preserve the separation of powers and prohibit the legislature from compelling the executive to bear witness.

The official summons

On October 21, the the committee formally subpoenas Trump to appear testify under oath and deliver documents relating to their actions in the days before and on the day of the events.

The committee also revealed the contents of the letter Thompson and Cheney sent to Trump, where they highlight the “central role” he played in the “orchestrated and intentional” effort to overturn the 2020 election results, in which who was defeated by the current president, Joe Biden.

Moreover, they highlighted the role he played in “blocking” the transition of power.

The charges against Trump

Specifically, the committee accuses Trump of spreading false information about voter fraud, which he was unable to prove in court by failing to provide evidence, to overturn the vote result.

She also considers that the former president sought to “corrupt” the Ministry of Justice, in addition to pressuring local elected officials and lawmakers to change the results, summoning tens of thousands of his supporters this 6 January, inciting violence in posts on their social media during that date and refuse to disperse their supporters.

On Jan. 6, 2021, some 10,000 people, mostly Trump supporters, demonstrated outside the Capitol and about 800 stormed the building as Biden’s election victory was endorsed. There were five dead and some 140 officers injured.


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