Cantabria’s budget for 2023 overcomes PP, Cs and Vox vetoes – EFE News


Santander (EFE) House some accounts that have been described as unreal, electoral and designed with their backs to citizens.

The three amendments were rejected in their entirety with the votes of the two parties which support the executive and supported by the three opposition groups.

These are the last budgets of the legislature, which are already heading towards the regional elections on May 28, elections which were planned in the debate on these amendments.

Once this debate is over, the total amount of the accounts is set at 3,504 million euros, ie 4.9% more than those in force, and the debate on the partial amendments will begin in committee.

In turn to defend the accounts, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Ana Belén Álvarez, said that the budgets are “responsible, rigorous and balanced” and affirmed that the amendments to all PP, C and Vox ” are contrary to the social majority.


The president of the PP of Cantabria, María José Saénz de Buruaga, considered that it is a “badly planned, electoralist and abusive budget for the middle classes and the economy”, some accounts, she said. added, which are not “an instrument of regional development but of electoral campaign”.

According to him, instead of stemming the recession or curbing inflation, what is sought with these accounts is “to give a little oxygen to the coalition at the cost of suffocating the Cantabrians”.

Ciudadanos spokesman Félix Álvarez has accused the regional government of making budgets “tailored” to the PRC-PSOE coalition, after pointing out that next year’s accounts are not designed to improve the lives of people. Cantabrians, “choked” by inflation.

And Vox spokesman Cristóbal Palacio called them “unreal”, said the revenues are “oversized” and are increasing debt and public spending, and placed them at the “end of the revillismo cycle”.


The PRC spokesman, Pedro Hernando, defended, on the other hand, that the budgets prepared by the government “lay the foundations” for the “future” of the region and criticized the opposition, in particular the PP, for its reviews. “There is a future in Cantabria and there is a future with this budget because it is committed to companies, workers and the public system”, he affirmed.

In the same vein, PSOE spokeswoman Noelia Cobo accused the opposition of trying to block, with their amendments and with “their lies and half-truths”, certain accounts “conceived for the good -being Cantabrians” and “their best future”, and accused PP, Cs and Vox of being “installed in demagoguery, and in populism”.


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