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Pablo Ayerbe Caselles.
Santander (EFE) “active” and in a good mood.

Vicenta, Aurora, José Luis or Piluca are some of the protagonists of the account of the Luz de Luna day center, in the Santander neighborhood of Peñacastillo, which has accumulated almost 34,000 followers and 1.2 million likes on this popular social network .

“We do it to have fun with the grandparents and to entertain them,” Alba Haro and Irantzu López, two of the nurses at the day center, explained to EFE, who had the idea of ​​recording themselves practicing. dance with users to download the videos. at Tik Tok. .

Goal: stay active

During an excursion last August, they point out, it occurred to them “to record a video and upload it to Tik Tok to see what people thought” and in no time they started “to have visits, visits and more visits”.

Due to this popularity, Alba and Irantzu have integrated the dances and “trends” of this social network as “another activity at the center”. “We check in, we have a good time and we also give joy to people who watch us,” they say.

The aim of the centre, which these users go to daily, is for the elderly to remain active and interact with each other, which, according to the nurses, is achieved with these dances, because “they have to learn the steps” and dance that “motivates”.

SANTANDER, 12/11/2022.- Users and nurses of the Luz de Luna day center, in Santander, speak with EFE about the use of dances and challenges on Tik Tok, a social network in which They accumulate almost 34,000 subscribers and 1.2 million “likes” and which also serves as therapy to stay “active” and in a good mood. EFE/Pablo Ayerbe

“They tell us, today we are dancing, right? What are we going to do today ? I want to dance”, say these two nurses, who also consider that having become “viral” on Tik Tok serves as “additional motivation”.

“They like to be seen, to have their family back home tell them they’ve seen them,” they say, while insisting not to upload the videos “to make them go viral.” “We upload them for fun, so they are active, both mentally and physically,” they point out.

delighted with the dance

Accompanied by Alba and Irantzu, the users of the center say they are “delighted” with this activity and “very happy” that their relatives or people in the street tell them they have seen their videos.

“It’s the best thing that’s happened to me in my life, I’m having a great time,” says Aurora, who comes from a town near Reinosa and who, according to what she admits, “didn’t know” what what was Tik Tok. before I start dating in the videos.

Others like José Luis admit that it was “difficult” for them to enter the day care centre, as they were used to a more independent life, but they admit that “it’s better than being alone in the house” and they enjoy the dances.

In general, the users say that the activity “encourages them a lot” and they underline that in the day center they feel good, in company. “We do everything, sing, dance, when it’s time to dance we love it,” they explain.


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