Canelo’s Alvarez loss to Golovkin predicted: ‘He’s not the fighter they think he is’

Ignatius Beristan not shy to criticize Canelo Alvarez. The famed boxing trainer hung out with Rick “El Terrible” Morales on Un Round Ms and didn’t bite his tongue when it came to tapato interrogation.

Beristin questioned the great figure of Mexican boxing: “Canelo is not the fighter they think they are. I think They helped me a lot. He is good, but up to a certain point. I was in the corner with my son Julio (Julio Cesar Chavez Jr) and he had no reflexes. He didn’t fit.

“I feel that Oscar de la Hoya helped Canelo a lot with the judges. and now he will not have this support. I think he will feel pyrinol, because Golovkin riffs,” Beristin assured.

“Golovkin thinks this could be his last fight and if the other guy (Canelo) goes crazy, they will fire him,” he concluded.

Nacho Beristan has a reputation for not being shy about talking about Sal Alvarez and once again he has shown that he is not afraid to speak his mind. In fact, this is far from the first time he has criticized Canelo Alvarez and in the past he has gone so far as to say that the Jalisco boxer had several “dubious wins”. On September 17, GGG and Canelo will meet again.


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