Canelo knocks out Plante to make boxing history



11/07/2021 –

Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez only had Caleb Factory as an obstacle that prevented him from becoming the first super middleweight champion in boxing history to win all four existing division titles. V build to make a fight worthy of popcorn from then on Canelo exchanged insults at a press conference during his previous fight.

The factory was ruling IBF super middleweight title champion, Canelo’s only belt was missing from his arsenal. It was an interesting evening and the main card offered some great highlights. But everyone was waiting for the main event for obvious reasons, Canelo haunted this moment for years. He can finally say that he is one of the best boxers in history.

Into sight, Canelo It was expected dominate against Caleb Factory despite the efforts of the American boxer to hold out until the final stage of the fight. Speed, strength and agility are all that Alvarez tested before Caleb. Before the fight, the Mexican star said that he would knock out Plant before the ninth round, but this did not happen.

Plant started wrestling a little dirty, hugging a little and moving away from what was happening as he got more and more tired. Canelo Clearly he is the perfect athlete, ready to throw any opponent into deep waters, as he did with Plant tonight. But Alvarez started a little impatiently.

Canelo receives a TKO in 11 rounds.

When round 9 passed without a knockout, Canelo began to get impatient and at times became a little careless because he seemed to be in a hurry. Only a fighter like Canelo can afford the luxury of rushing into battle in search of a knockout. The moment finally came like Plant It seemed that he was completely devastated, after the first minute of the 11th round, Canelo knocked his opponent down after a fatal left hook.

Initially, Plant his head was spinning, but he managed to get to his feet again. Canelo had none of this when he forced himself to fight for the final blow. The referee stopped the fight at 1.05 during the 11th round. A TKO which puts Canelo in a unique position in History of Mexican Boxing… He is the only one Latin american fighter to win four titles regardless of division. What a man, what a fighter Canelo.

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