Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin 3: Will “Mexican style” be the key to the fight?


The is the third and final issue of the fight between Canelo Alvarez as well as Gennady Golovkin is getting closer and closer, so in recent days more and more authoritative voices are giving their opinion on what will happen between the Mexican boxer and the Kazakh fighter.

Prediction by Juan Manuel Marquez

Canelo Alvarez: I’m fighting for the title of the best ever

Now it’s the turn Juan Manuel Marquezwho assured that “mexican style“He is very powerful and Canelo Ivarez dominates him to perfection, so the Guadalajara fighter will come out with his hands up September 17 in Las Vegas.

Before explaining the reasons why he expects Alvarez to adopt “Mexican style” in trilogy, I explained what this technique is in professional boxing. He pointed out that when a Mexican fighter gets hit, it’s common for him to return twice as much as he hurt him, but with technique and wisely, in addition to multiplying the number of hits received when it comes to counter punches.

“Mexican style, a lot of people think it’s about hitting and taking hits, acting like a warrior, ‘If you hit me, I’ll hit you’, no; mexican boxing the same thing, to exchange blows, but with technique. If you hit me, I’ll give you three or four hits back, but smart, that’s Mexican style; be aggressive with intelligence,” he said.

Canelo already knows how to beat Golovkin

Canelo Alvarez: I’m fighting for the title of the best everRamon Navarro

“Canelo showed how he can beat him, that’s Mexican style; the Mexican style is about fighting smart, being in the short zone and throwing punches, throwing combinations, and that’s what Canelo does very well, ”El Dynamita, who became famous, sentenced. after knockout Manny Pacquiaoand achieved a large number of successful defenses of his World Championships.

Canelo realized that in this third fight he would be in the middle of him, in front of him, he would move the belt, he would throw counter punches, combinations of punches on the soft areas, and I think the fight would end in a knockout. if I’m not mistaken, in eight or nine rounds,” the former pupil concluded Nacho Beristin.


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