Canelo Alvarez, Tom Brady and Top Athletes in The Simpsons


The is a story about ‘The Simpsons’ there seems to be no end. Over 30 years on the air since its first episode aired in December 1989, the series has attracted dozens of special guests. Among them are some of the best athletes.

Football players, tennis players, boxers, baseball players and hockey players performed specially with Homer, Bart, Lisa and Marge as part of the yellow family.

Then tennis players Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, Venus and Serena Williams appeared in the season 12 episode ‘Tennis the Menace’.

Warren suppwho played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Oakland Raiders; Yao Ming, former Chinese basketball player for the Houston Rockets; and Michelle KwanA little later, a figure skater joined the cast.

NBA Legends, NFL Legends and Boxing Champions

Football superstars such as Sang, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo Nazario were met in Springfield by the Simpsons. But also NBA and NFL players, as well as world boxing champions.

Tom brady appeared in the episode “Homer and Ned’s Desperate Game” season 16.

During one of Bart’s dreams of a brother Peyton and Eli Manning appeared by throwing soccer balls over the tire.

Other seasons of the yellow family have also had legends such as Joe Montana, Magic Johnson, Tom brady, Dan Marino, Joe Fraser, Mike Tyson, Larry Holmes and Troy Aikman.

Oscar de la hoya, LeBron James and Canelo Alvarez recently had their Springfield adventure.

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