Canelo Alvarez to his fans: “I fight the best in the world and they don’t give me credit”


Canelo Alvarez is one of the most talked about boxers in the boxing world, however, there are those who support the Mexican, and there are those who dedicate themselves to evaluating his decisions outside and inside the ring.

The truth is that Canelo boasts that although he has many critics, he has already cemented an enviable career where he is the undisputed world champion. 168-pound divisionas well as being crowned in four different divisions.

For this reason, with what he has achieved, he decided to send a message to the voices that judge the creation of a trilogy with Gennady Golovkinfour years after the second fight and while his opponent is already 40 years old, nine springs older than the Mexican.

Canelo’s words

“I’m busy fighting the best in the world (that’s why there’s so much time between the second and third fights) and people won’t appreciate me if I beat him, so I’m just focused on doing what’s best for me and what’s the most contributes to my career,” Canelo Alvarez said.

Similarly, this Monday, June 27th saw the second face-to-face meeting between both boxers in support of their September 17th fight, and the rivalry continues to spark with the hateful looks they give each other.

Although it is worth noting that Canelo Alvarez also has a score with another boxer, in this case Dmitry Bivolwith whom he will seek revenge in the near future.

When Canelo vs. Bivol 2 is?

As part of the US tour that Canelo Alvarez is taking to announce his fight against Gennady Golovkin for the third time, Eddie Reynoso have revealed part of the fight schedule they already have in mind.

In this case, after fighting YYYCanelo will be looking for a rematch against Bivol in 2023, although this time his main goal will not be the belt but the pleasure of beating the Russian.


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