Canelo Álvarez threatens Lionel Messi


A clip of Lionel Messi accidentally kicking a Mexico shirt was posted on social media, prompting a response from arguably the world’s most prominent Mexican athlete.

The boxer Canelo Álvarez asked if his followers had seen “Messi cleaning the floor” with the shirt and the flag. He replied, “You better wait on God than run into me.”

Álvarez, a multiple world champion, and his tweets quickly went viral with thousands of likes and retweets. The reaction was mixed. Fans and well-known journalists in Mexico responded to Álvarez seeking to explain that Messi had done nothing intentionally or accusing the boxer of creating social media drama out of nowhere. The championship-winning boxer did not keep quiet.

“That the Mexico kit is on the ground is already an insult. Stop screwing around if it was or not,” Álvarez tweeted.

“Leave Messi alone. Focus on (Dmitry) Bivol”, tweeted the well-known Mexican broadcaster David Faitelson. After two replies exchanged, Faitelson wrote: “You would definitely knock me out, but I insist on Bivol. Instead of wasting time on cheap controversies, why not seek a rematch with the Russian? I think that threatening a footballer is cowardly”.

Álvarez did not hold back his punches and countered Faitelson sinisterly. “You are the coward, because when you acted like an angel when we stood face to face.”

Messi and Argentina beat Mexico 2-0 on Saturday. Mexico faces Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, but it is highly unlikely that they will advance to the last 16 of the World Cup unless they win and Argentina lose to Poland.


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