Canelo Alvarez on Gennady Golovkin: ‘I hate these people’


Canelo Alvarez pounced on again Gennady Golvkinahead of their upcoming fight on September 17 and support the idea that GGG is a two-faced person.

“I hate people like that who pretend to be other people in front of other people or in front of you,” said Canelo Alvarez. DASD.

“The fact that behind you he said a lot of bad things and I hate it,” added the Mexican boxer.

Even Canelo Alvarez can guarantee that Golovkin was one of the boxers he “hated” the most in his entire ring career, despite the fact that Kazakh never managed to beat him in two attempts.

In the first fight between them, which was in 2017, Golovkin and Canelo tied, and in the second event, Alvarez won by T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegaswhere now the two will meet each other again during the week of Mexico’s National Holidays.

It should be noted that this statement came as a surprise, as logic dictates that Canelo should hold a grudge against those who may have tarnished his record, not those who added to his list of defeats.

Who defeated Canelo?

During his professional boxing career, Canelo Alvarez has only been defeated twice, and none of them by knockout, so the Mexican has always managed to endure 12 rounds.

The first to tarnish his undefeated record was an American Floyd “Money” Mayweatherdefeating the Mexican by majority decision in 2013.

After almost nine years of this hard defeat, Canelo remained undefeated until last May, when a second opponent tried to break the successful streak he had already achieved. In this case, it is about Dmitry Bivolwho defeated him by unanimous decision.

However, it was not this defeat that affected Canelo the most, as he did not lose any of his world titles, and the same situation will be with Golovkin on September 17, although it is possible that if the Kazakhstani defeats the Mexican, Canelo will increase the hatred. to which he already feeds.YYY‘.


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