Canelo Alvarez and a tender video of his young son training boxing with Eddie Reynoso

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez preparing to fight Gennady Golovkin, but he also finds time to play with his children, as he showed in a video he uploaded to social media.

Cinnamon has four children, one boy and three girls: Mia, Emily Cinnamon, Maria Fernanda and Saul Adiel, the youngest of three years.

The Mexican trains at his gym in San Diego, and during one of the moments of relaxation he recorded a video where you can see how he plays with his son in boxing gloves, the child looks very funny next to his famous father.

Canelo Alvarez’s son has boxing in his blood

Eddie Reynoso is Canelo’s faker who trained him since childhood and brought him to the top of the world of boxing, now he also plays and trains with “Canelito” who maybe in the future we will see him follow in his father’s footsteps. and possibly become a world champion.

In a video they posted on social media, they wrote: “It’s in his blood, #littlechamp.”


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