Canarian government reaches agreement with majority public health unions to make 12,146 professionals permanent – EFE News


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (EFE).- The health sector round table reached a “historic” agreement this Thursday that will allow the stabilization of 12,146 health professionals from the islands, 9,955 through a competition of merit and the rest by an opposition, announced the regional councilor, Blas Trujillo.

The agreement was supported by four of the five unions present at the table in the sector, that is to say by the Union of Public Employees of the Canary Islands (Sepca), the Union of Doctors, CCOO and UGT, because Intersindical Canaria did not add.

The Minister of Health is confident that the consensus reached on the stabilization process will allow the strike to be canceled tomorrow, announced by the Confluence Table of Doctors of the Canary Islands, although he has indicated that it will be a decision that must be adopted by the said union force not represented at the Sectorial Table.

The signed pact makes it possible to stabilize the statutory civil servants and the working staff of 75 professional categories who will try to guarantee their maintenance in their functions, underlined Trujillo, who also underlined that it allows to increase the number of professionals who will reach permanent jobs thanks to the merit competition, more than 3,000 compared to the agreement reached last April.

The adviser explained that the ministry will have to convene the two appeals before December 31, while he assured that there will be a third ordinary appeal to give stability to the staff who remain in abeyance and that all this must be resolved. before December 31, 2024.

The Director of Human Resources of the SCS, Avelina Díaz, explained that with the agreement reached, stability will be given to almost 100% of doctors thanks to a selective procedure that will favor the professionals who work there.

In the merit contest, experience will prevail, which will have a weight of 70%, while in the opposition contest, experience will count for 60% and merits for 40%, but in this section the services provided will account for 90% and training the remaining 10%, said the Human Resources manager.

The four union representatives who signed the agreement agreed to highlight its advantages and above all the fact that the time worked in the Canary Islands is valued more.

The Secretary of Health of Sepca, Joaquín Franco, expressed his satisfaction that the conditions that have been reached are similar to those of the general administration, while the president of the Medical Union of the Canary Islands, Eric Álvarez, has appreciated the fact that many of the professionals can continue in their place.

The head of public services of the UGT, Francisco Bautista, remarked that he “would like this agreement to be granted also in education”, while the health representative of the CCOO, Juan Navarro, also insisted on the great progress it represents.

Álvarez trusted that with the work that remains to be done, 100% of doctors will be able to stabilize, because according to the data available to his union, there would be fifty professionals left waiting to obtain a permanent position. ECE


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