Canada: Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is a terrorist entity ‘by association’ with the Quds Force


In Canada, the Ontario High Court has determined that the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which is the actual name of the organization, not the “Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)” as it calls Global News, “was ‘a listed entity’ because one of its branches, the Qods Force, was already designated as such by Canada.” Trudeau’s federal government, however, has not listed the IRGC as such.

Congratulations to the judge on this case. But it is surprising that any Western government refuses to formally recognize the Islamic Republic of Iran as anything other than a terrorist regime, given its history, its current actions, and the activities of its network of proxies, which include Hizballah, militias Shias in Iraq. , the Houthis in Yemen and a vast network of foreign fighters in Syria. The regime is also associated with Hamas. However, Trudeau’s Liberal government “has long faced calls to place the IRGC on Canada’s terrorist list” but has yet to comply.

“Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Listed Terrorist Group ‘By Association,’ Canadian Court Rules,” By Stewart Bell, Global News, November 28, 2022:

A judge has ruled that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is a “terrorist entity” under Canadian law, fueling debate over how to deal with Tehran’s branch of the military.

The Ontario High Court found the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to be “a listed entity” because one of its branches, the Qods Force, had already been designated as such by Canada.

The ruling came in a case over whether the estate of a late Canadian lawyer should pay nearly $1 million to an Iranian aviation company that was allegedly an IRGC front.

The judge threw out the case because the owner of the Iranian company, Babak Zanjani, was an alleged financier of the IRGC. The court said paying the debt would have violated Canada’s anti-terrorism laws.

But the judge went further, ruling that the IRGC not only met the definition of a terrorist group, but was also a “listed entity by association” due to its relationship with the Qods Force.

Being a listed terrorist entity carries serious consequences. It is illegal to contribute to any activity of a listed group, and your property can be seized and confiscated.

The Liberal government has long faced calls to place the IRGC on Canada’s list of territories, particularly after Iranian militia shot down a passenger plane carrying 55 Canadian citizens and 30 permanent residents.

More recently, the IRGC allegedly helped Russia carry out drone strikes in Ukraine and participated in the crackdown on human rights protesters in Iran.

However, only the Qods Force branch of the IRGC is included. The Quds Force trains, finances and arms terror groups including Hezbollah and Hamas, which celebrated last week’s Jerusalem bus stop bombing that killed a Canadian teenager…


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