Canada: Green Party leader says: “I am receiving marching orders from the official representative of Palestine in Canada”


Although not clearly stated in the article below for some reason, the “Canadian politician” who said, “I accept the orders of the official representative of Palestine in Canada” is Green Party leader Elizabeth May.

Not only should such a betrayal not be tolerated in Canada’s political landscape, but the implications of May’s loyalty to the “official representative of Palestine in Canada” are worrying. The Palestinian leadership has made no secret of its intent to destroy Israel from the (Jordan) river to the (Mediterranean) sea, and encourages, celebrates, and rewards the martyrdom of jihad, which involves killing non-believers and dying in the process.

This isn’t the first time Elizabeth May has glorified questionable people. During a speech at a dinner in the press gallery in 2015, she yelled on stage:

Omar Khadr, you have more class than the whole damn cabinet.

Omar Khadr is a former jihadist child who was convicted of murdering a US soldier in Afghanistan and partially blinding another US soldier with a hand grenade. Despite all this, Khadr’s lawyer was looking for a lot of money ($20 million in “compensation” from Canadian taxpayers) and sought a formal apology. Justin Trudeau’s government decided to hand out $10,500,000 to Khadr and issue an apology for some alleged abuses and mistreatment the jihadist allegedly endured at Guantanamo.

For information on MP Omar Alghabra, who was also on hand to honor Meshwar Media editor Nazih Khatatba, see HERE.

Meshwar has glorified jihadist terror groups and called for the destruction of Israel.

Virulence against Israel is becoming more and more normalized in Canada, while political correctness continues to flourish. It is also noteworthy how the action of the all-party Canada-Palestinian Parliamentary Friendship Group in inviting Khatatba does not match the words of its chairperson Salma Zahid, who condemned anti-Semitism.

“’I receive march orders from the Palestinian representative,’” Jerusalem Post, December 3, 2022:

Canada’s Transport Minister Omar Alghabra and Green Party leader Elizabeth May met with and hosted well-known anti-Semite, Holocaust denier and Meshwar Media editor Nazih Khatatba on Tuesday, according to an anti-Semitism watchdog.

“Two days ago, members of the Canadian Parliament, including Federal Cabinet Minister Omar Alghabra and Green Party leader Elizabeth May met and welcomed a dangerous anti-Semite and Holocaust denier,” Documenting Antisemitism Canada reported in your Twitter account.

A Canadian politician, standing in front of a Canadian flag and a Palestinian flag, wearing a Palestinian kfiyah and scarf, said: “I receive marching orders from the official representative of Palestine in Canada.”

“Particularly at a time when Canadians are increasingly concerned about foreign interference in Canadian politics, no Canadian elected official should receive their ‘marching orders’ from a foreign government and its official representatives,” the Center for Israel wrote. and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) on his Twitter with a video of the Canadian politician saying this.

“The Canada-Palestine Parliamentary Friendship Group, made up of all parties, hosted a reception for the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People on November 29,” President Salma Zahid, who was the president, wrote in a Twitter thread. Khatatba hostess. “The invitation was widely circulated within the Palestinian community and almost 150 people attended.”

“We were unable to investigate the history of each attendee,” he continued. “I have long been a voice against anti-Semitism and all faith-based forces of discrimination. In 2016, I spoke in the House of Commons to condemn several recent anti-Semitic incidents and anti-Semitism in general…


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