Canada discovers 54 graves for Aboriginal children in boarding schools: they are added to 250 graves already found


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An Aboriginal community in Canada reported Tuesday the discovery of 54 additional Aboriginal children’s graves Discovered on the basis of a former Catholic boarding school Forced assimilation of natives, adding other graves Last year’s discovery shocked the North American nation.

“Today we announce that we have discovered 54 graves”announced Search Project Director Ted Quewezance, who explained that the discovery in the Keeseekoose community in Saskatchewan, Canada, was due to ground penetrating radar.

“Are there more graves? We don’t know. But we all want to know who will be held accountable,” affecting Quewezance, adding that the discovery “raises a lot of questions about what really happened at the school.” Specifically, 42 children’s graves were found at the Fort Pelly site, and another 12 were found at St. Philips A children’s grave. The item has been detailed and collected by the Canadian chain CBC.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe stressed on Twitter that “the Aboriginal people of Kissycus are going through great pain today” and pledged “unwavering support” for the tribe. Keeseekoose Aboriginal leader Lee Kitchemonia also expressed his frustration, according to The News: “My message to Canadians across the country and around the world is to listen to our history. These are real stories, real people“.

“Today is a painful reminder of the abuse experienced by so many children, families and their communities,” said Commonwealth Indigenous Coronavirus Relations Minister Mark Miller, who pledged to “respect” the community’s desire to “grieve and heal”.

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From 1895 to 1969, two boarding schools operated in or around the Kissycus Aboriginal people. Fort Pelli School was founded in 1895 by Immaculate Conception missionary Rev. Jules de Corby and operated until 1913.that school Federal funding in the early 20th century Until it shuts down, according to the National Truth and Reconciliation Commission website.

These types of schools were created in the 19th and 20th centuries to enforce the assimilation of young Indians, and were funded by the state and run by religious organizations. The recent investigation and discovery of the body has caused a stir across the country, prompting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Ask the Catholic Church to “take responsibility”.

In addition, after the first pieces of information, some Canadian Aboriginal tribes began using ground-penetrating radar to survey the surroundings near these schools to locate graves, which experts have expected will lead to more discoveries of this caliber.

Aboriginal groups in Canada have called for an investigation of all former boarding schools in the country. For decades, thousands of children have been removed from their families and placed in boarding schools, There they will learn the traditions of European colonists Forget your own culture and face violence and sexual abuse as well.

A commission of inquiry concluded in 2015 that many minors never returned to their communities, thus declaring it a “cultural genocide,” and the Lost Children Project has so far identified more than 4,100 people who died while in boarding school. Minors, many of them buried on campus themselves.


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