Camilo Blanes: Lourdes Ornelas gives his last healthy hour

The uncertainty of health continues to exist Camilo Blanes. The Legendary Son Camilo Sesto He continues to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Puerta del Hierro Hospital in Madrid. It is not known until now that its state is stable under gravity, and its improvement is very slow. His mother, Lourdes Onelas, Became the spokesperson for the latest news.

He played this role reluctantly because he felt uncomfortable when he was approached by the media on the street to learn about his son. The previous video demonstrated this, and you can see it in the title of this article. This Thursday morning, when the media asked her about Camilo Blanes (Camilo Blanes) on the street, the Mexican began to run away. He was looking for a way to avoid the microphone, even if he had to leave the sidewalk for this.

Lourdes Ornelas, at large / Gtres

A few minutes later, Lourdes Ornelas reduced and issued some brief statements to inform her son’s health: “His health is much better”Regarding her escape, Lourdes Ornelas defended herself by saying “I don’t want to be rude, stay away from it,” she said before crossing the sidewalk, and absolutely avoided the media.

Lourdes Ornelas is absolutely committed to taking care of her son. He will not leave his side. She is very worried because she recently admitted that her desire to get her son into the clinic for treatment might cause him to have to go to the hospital urgently for drug addiction.

A few days ago, Lourdes Ornelas spoke more publicly about Camille’s health.Did it in the magazine Hello: «He is in a stable condition in the intensive care unit. He is not out of danger because his condition in the hospital is very bad, but he is getting better and is receiving good treatment. I am very impressed with the treatment and super caring nurses.

Lourdes Ornelas and her son Camilo Blanes / Gtres

According to his mother, her son entered the intensive care unit due to a bicycle accident: “About three weeks ago, there was a heavy rain. He fell into the ditch because of the accumulation of water and lay there for a while. For a while. When he woke up, he got up and went home, but he was already very wet. He didn’t tell me anything about the accident, but he started telling me that he had the flu. In addition, due to unwell, he hardly ate anything and started Lose weight. At that time, I stayed at his house to help him. His girlfriend Maria and I started buying him food and even serum, but because he felt bad, he couldn’t buy anything,” he explained.

Camilo Blanes Onelas/Gtres

Regrettably, Other voices pointed out that Camilo Blanes’ health problems stemmed from spending several days in parties and the consumption of toxic substances. Since the death of Camilo Sesto, this intense addiction has grown.

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