Camila Cabello forgets Shawn Mendes and has a new boyfriend: who is Austin Kevich?


Camila Hair has been in the spotlight for several months for several reasons. On a professional level, the artist blew up the music industry with her album Familia, and her latest single Bam Bam became a hit.

She made the news again when she complained that during her concert in the Champions League final, the fans present were very rude to her, as the fans Liverpool as well as RealMadrid they were more interested in supporting their teams than in a pre-match performance.

However, the biggest news in the last few months about Camila Cabello’s life has undoubtedly been her breakup with fellow singer. Shawn Mendes last March.

The gap hurt the fans of both performers, who already dreamed of a wedding and children.

But now, three months later, it looks like the Cuban-American has just found love again.

Who is rumored to be Camila Cabello’s new boyfriend?

The singer was recently spotted walking Austin Kevich, CEO of dating app Lox Club. Some might think they met through the app, but no, it’s not for celebrities.

Celebrities meet through other celebrities, and in this case, they did. It turns out that Hair as well as Kevich met through Nikolai Golitsyn.

Photographs posted by one of HairAccording to fan accounts, they can be seen walking happily and gently.

Is it friendship or new love? Although there is no official confirmation, we do know that the former singer, Sean Mendezwill surely rejoice at this new news, as both he and Hair still very good friends, despite the fact that they are no longer together.


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