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Oviedo (EFE).- The Minister of the Presidency, Rita Camblor, assured that, in the face of the cuts applied in other autonomous communities, the commitment of the Asturian government to development cooperation is “clear”, as in bears witness to the increase “year after year” in the resources devoted to this dossier.

This was indicated this Thursday in committee of the General Assembly on the occasion of the presentation of the cooperation report corresponding to 2021, a year in which the Principality budgeted 5.2 million, executed at 98.5 %, and promoted 76 projects.

Camblor described all the actions launched last year, where 17 emergency humanitarian interventions were carried out, worth 1.4 million, mainly in Latin America.

After highlighting the awareness-raising measures promoted by the Government, he pointed out that 30 development projects have been carried out, for a total amount of 2.7 million, most of them focusing on empowerment and gender equity, and have also implemented others in favor of indigenous peoples.

In his speech, Camblor pointed out that during the first three years of the legislature, the Regional Executive allocated 12.7 million for the implementation of 148 cooperation projects.

The target of 0.7% of GDP

Thus, the adviser underlined her department’s commitment to “try to increase” the resources dedicated to this issue each year, although she admitted that the minimum annual increase of 8% established by the master plan, of which the sixth call is already in the draft phase.

For her part, the director of the Asturian Cooperation Agency, Beatriz Coto, also acknowledged that the allocation of 0.7% of GDP was not respected.

However, he indicated that the way forward is to continue making progress on budget improvements.

During the appearance, in which the parliamentary groups of Ciudadanos, Foro and Vox were absent, the PP deputy Pablo Álvarez Pire stressed the importance of maintaining the “Asturias” brand in international cooperation, for which he reiterated the importance to reach 0.7% solidarity.

On behalf of Podemos, its spokesman, Rafael Palacios, described as “serious” the budgetary shortcomings of the executive in development cooperation, while other communities “increase” their posts, reason for which he summoned the adviser to verify the accounts of 2023 there is a “strong bet”.

His IU counterpart, Ángela Vallina, indicated that the Principality must continue to improve funding in this area, so that it continues to be “avant-garde” in solidarity policies.

The deputy of the mixed group, Armando Fernández Bartolomé, asked Camblor that his department carry out a “transparency exercise” to publicize this type of action. EFE


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