Calzedonia’s La Vecina Rubia collection, the Black Friday buy


To always be updated, don’t miss out The Blonde Neighbor Collection calzedonia. It is not the first time that this collection has been established with different garments that we all like.

Jeans, leggings, pantiespants, socks and more await you in this new collection for this store.

How is the La Vecina Rubia collection from Calzedonia

“Delusion. It’s always seemed like a beautiful word to me, because it says a lot about what’s to come, a lot about who I am. 99% of it. And it spreads… in every sentence he plays, and i try to get him to play as many as he can pronounce at the end of the day.

Now, with the illusion intact and together with Calzedonia again, we say it again, hoping that this precious second adventure will infect you as much as we do». This is how it stands out The blonde neighbor this collaboration with the store.

There is irresistible garments that you cannot miss and which you can buy from now on.

A world of leggings

One of the garments that you cannot miss is Thermal Waxed Skinny Leggings, There are two models and all are made with quality materials so you don’t get cold this winter.

In this case, they are for women with a high waist with a waxed effect, characterized by a flocked print. Made of warm and comfortable fabric thanks to the soft internal brushing. is heeggs made for the special La Vecina Rubia capsule collection and there are two really attractive models.

The price is 29.95 euros, in different sizes, and now you can buy 5×4 with offer of 5 items to the cart and get the cheapest one for free.

Tight jeans

Another of the garments to highlight in this collection are the tight black trousers that go with everything you want. is high-waisted women’s leggings in knitted Milan fabriccharacterized by decorative marine-style buttons and central stitching. The price is 35.95 euros in different sizes. Now you can choose yours!


There are more garments, such as La Vecina Rubia Heart Push Up Skinny Jeans. It stands out for its print, and that is that they are made of soft denim with a zipper and button, and a heart print all over.

Don't miss the La Vecina Rubia de Calzedonia collection!  Take advantage of Black Friday and all its bargains

It has practical back pockets and a rounded back seam for a push-up effect. The The price you pay for them is 35.95 euros in different sizes. You can buy it now before it’s too late.


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