Calviño: the repeal of sedition is for Puigdemont to “come back”


Without cutting a hair. Openly and to the four winds. The first vice-president of the government, Nadia Calvinoadmitted on Monday evening that the ultimate goal of repeal of the crime of sedition which promotes Pedro Sanchez it is “that the fugitive returns” to Spain Charles Puigdemont, as pointed out last Thursday OKDIARIO. The former Catalan president will be the big beneficiary of this regulatory change.

Calviño, who this week holds the interim presidency of the government, assured that “the situation of coexistence” in Catalonia is now much better with Sánchez in La Moncloa than it was when the Popular Party of Mariano Rajoy. A reason, he stressed, which should serve to defend the strategy of pardons and the reforms of the Penal Code promoted by the socialists.

The Minister of Economy and Digital Transformation said that “we must look to the future and not return to tension and conflict”. Calviño also called for “modernizing a 200-year-old regime”. The same as the graces thatAgainst the criteria of the courts, his government granted the separatists with little regard for the year the law was created or its non-existent approval in Europe.

Under the false mantra that “sedition does not exist in other countries” in Europe, the first vice-president of the executive, reiterated the need to “harmonize” the Spanish Penal Code with that of the other countries of our environment. But Germany, without going any further, defines sedition as high treason, with penalties ranging from ten years in prison to life imprisonment.

To defend the repeal of the crime of sedition, which will considerably reduce the years of imprisonment of the Catalan putschists, Nadia Calviño affirms that “the convicts must serve their sentence”, in an interview with COPE. He defends, yes, that “the change in the crime of sedition has nothing to do with the rebellion, which is equally relevant. However, Catalan politicians have been condemned by the former and not by the latter, after a change in the position of the public prosecutor, who reports directly to the executive.

The intention of the government of Pedro Sánchez is that the sedition be abolished before the end of the year and that the type be replaced by the aggravated public order offense. a modification à la carte for separatist interests, which are asking for more today. Oriol Junqueras has already claimed to amend through the parliamentary process, also embezzlement crime public funds, which Calviño did not want to mention during the interview, so that he and Puigdemont could be candidates again.


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