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At 16, Atchoum suffered from multiple disabilities. However, it is still full of life. He escaped euthanasia thanks to the dedication of the Thirty Million Friends Foundation team. Cared for at the Tuileries Refuge (77), he is eagerly awaiting a host family where he can end his life peacefully.

Yorkshireman Atchoum, 16, narrowly escaped death. The puppy was taken in by the neighbors of his hospitalized mistress, full of life. However, one of the latter’s relatives tried to euthanize him… thankfully the veterinarian refused! York Hospital was kept in the dark every day, unattended for years, according to anonymous reports.

‘He needs presence and affection’

Thanks to this testimony, the 30 Million Friends Foundation team was able to rescue him. In the veterinary clinic, the verdict is clear: euthanasia is no problem!even when small animals appear General poor hair condition, lack of vision and osteoarthritis pain “and will need soon” blood test”, “complete mowing and shampoo”, “eye wash” », « A sort of Parasite Treatment Update » and also’ “ Semi-Liquid Diet » He should end his life in all the affection of a loving family.

After Atchoum was transferred to the 30M Friends Foundation, he spent his first night in the favor of one of our adopted lawyers. Spirou, also rescued by the 30 Million Friends Foundation. ” Atchoum groaned, probably out of fear, because he felt lost.But after wiping it a few times, he was relievedhe admitted. Above all, he needs presence and affection. »

Not convenient for euthanasia

The next day he joined the Tuileries Refuge in Saint-Hilliers (77), where he was eagerly waiting for a home surrounded by love to end his life. ” This old grandfather is almost deaf, almost blind, and has difficulty walking; but he knows how to make himself hear and eatsaid Anne Puggioni, the head of the shelter, with a smile. It will soon be in the hands of our volunteer groomers for a makeover. But despite the attention paid to him, he desperately sought a foster family to pamper him until the end of his life. “.

The 30 Million Friends Foundation denounces facilitated euthanasia, demanded by certain unethical owners who actually want to “get rid of” their animals. Fortunately, these euthanasias can be avoided thanks to the ethics of veterinarians who put the animal’s well-being first:” The veterinarian has the right to refuse the act if he believes that the request is not in the interests of the animal, comfirmed Veterinarian Dr. Brigitte Leblanc. He will then try to find a solution: most often, put it in an association, even if this solution always puts a lot of stress on the animal. The practitioner must try to put himself in the “position” of the animal to determine what is best for him. “.

If you would like to welcome Atchoum to the dignified end of his life he deserves, please contact the 30 Millions d’Amis Shelter in La Tuilerie (Seint-et-Marne) on Thank him!

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