California Child Tax Credit: Amount and Eligibility for AB 2589


ORone of the states in USAGE where legislators were especially generous in providing financial assistance to their citizens. California and a new bill could continue this trend, with Assembly Bill 2589 new Child tax credit payments.

AB 2589 is currently just a proposal made by an assembler in Los Angeles. Miguel Santiagobut it can become reality.

“California has a chance to lead the fight against poverty.” Santiago says in the statement.

“Our $97 billion surplus provides a critical opportunity to support our lowest income families.”

How much will Californians get with the AB 2589 Child Tax Credit?

The proposal is to expand the Early Childhood Tax Credit to offer a lump sum child tax credit of $2,000 per child to low- and middle-income families.

SantiagoThe bill also plans to raise the minimum amount for the California Earned Income Tax Credit from $1 to $255.

Who will be eligible for the AB 2589 Child Tax Credit?

It is logical to assume that this bill will be addressed to the poorest families in the state. Santiago stating that 1.7 million children in California are at risk of falling back into poverty or even more in poverty.

So the lump sum payments will be for families that earn less than $30,000 a year.

It’s still a long way before this bill becomes a reality, but California is far more open to providing financial assistance to its citizens than other states.

Governor of California Gavin Newsom was willing to take budget surpluses and turn them into new schemes that could put money back into the pockets of ordinary Californians, although he would also need support from other politicians if he Miguel Santiago – who are both Democrats – should make AB 2589 a reality.


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