Calf warp constrains Prescott Cowboys as Viking play looms


Duck Prescott missed a few individual exercises on Wednesday workout, so Dallas cowboys The quarterback could have rehabilitated on the side of his stretched right calf.

Recipient Ceedee lamb says he “about 90 percent confident” Prescott will play on Sunday night in Minnesota… QB had a week left to take a break from injury sustained after his overtime winning shot against New England.

Trainer Mike McCarthy went no further than saying the Cowboys (5-1) were giving support Cooper Rush more preparation time this week. Prescott was listed as a disabled person on Wednesday., on the eve he was supposed to meet with journalists.

“I just think you have to try to make sure Cooper is ready and make sure Duck gets what he needs until Duck really gets past the rehab component threshold,” he said. McCarthy said before practice. “We will not make this determination if it is fully applied until we get to this point. So we have to make sure we are preparing Cooper. “

Prescott pledged not to miss a moment in hiking boots during his post-match session with reporters following a 35-29 win over the Patriots that extended Dallas’ winning streak to five games.

By Monday, the 2016 NFL offensive rookie of the year was roaming the team’s facility without a shoe, as seen when Prescott briefly popped up near where reporters were talking to other players. He said he was “okay,” and yet he wanted reporters to have fun talking about his anti-Vikings status (3–3).

“We all know that Duck’s competitor”, Running back Ezekiel Elliott said Wednesday. “I know that from this moment until the goodbye began, he did everything he could to make sure he could play this game. He is going to exhaust all resources. “

Prescott dropped out of the season with compound fracture of the right ankle when Dallas visited Minnesota last year and won 31-28 behind substitute Andy Dalton.

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