Calamaro designs a poster for the arrest of Paco Ureña in San Isidro.


Less than a month before launch Fair San Isidro 2022 company’s equipment Monument to Las Ventas, Square 1released a special poster for one of the most striking bullfighting cycle.

It’s about the bullfighter’s trap Paco Urena with bulls from different farms: Puerto de San Lorenzo, Garsigrande, Adolfo Martin, Luis Algarra, José Vazquez and Juan Pedro Domec. The Murcian bullfighter aims to use this bullfight to return to the front line he achieved in the 2019 season, becoming one of the most outstanding bullfighters of the season after losing his left eye at the Albacete fair in 2018.

The quarantine of Paco Urenyi is one of the most outstanding celebrations of the San Isidro 2022 Fair, with the return of great personalities such as Alejandro Talavante and other proper names such as Morante de la Puebla, Andrés Roca Rey, El Juli, José Maria Manzanares, Hines Marine Or Pablo Aguado.

Failure in the bullfighter’s last solo bullfight in Las Ventas last Palm Sunday will deprive Madrid fans of the opportunity to see the bullfighter again. Emil Just in three celebrations that were closed in San Isidro and whose vacant places announced by the company will be for successful bullfighters in Las Ventas.

Quarantine is one of the posters that are included in the San Isidro subscription, which is celebrated from May 8 to June 5, and whose free tickets They will go on sale May 3 next year..

Kalamaro, poster designer

The event in Las Ventas featured a bullfighting poster by Paco Urenyi, attended by Plaza 1 managers Rafael Garcia Garrido and Simon Casas, the bullfighter himself and Andres Calamaro.

The Argentine rocker, a big fan of bullfighting, was in charge of designing a special poster for the event and assured that it was “a duty and an honor” for him. In addition, the Kalamaro will be a trap for Ureña. “heroic deed”.


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