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The government pledged on Tuesday to “systematically” provide accommodation for migrants expelled from the temporary camps in Calais. But on the 23rd day of the hunger strike by the three radicals, these announcements did not convince humanitarians.

As the winter vacation begins, The country has pledged to “systematically” provide accommodation for migrants displaced from temporary camps in Calais. However, this measure is difficult to convince local participants who continue to hunger strike.The pledge submitted by the government mediator on the spot on Tuesday, November 2 becomes effective on the 23rdelectronic Hunger strike protest day initiated by three activists.

In the context of evacuation of camps in Calais almost every day last week, and after fruitless discussions last week, despite these specific suggestions, the situation continued on Tuesday.

Hundreds of places of creation

“We will provide accommodation systematically, mainly in the Strait of Calais in Upper France, not in Calais,” the director of the office, the mediator, told AFP from upstream. Ofii) Didier Leschi.

The latter therefore admitted in fact that evacuation in the Calais camp is not always accompanied by an offer for refuge, but this is the rule. He emphasized that in order to fulfill its promise, the country will have to “add hundreds of places” in accommodation parks.

The Director-General of Ofii was sent to conduct “contact and mediation tasks” with the strikers-72-year-old Secours Catholique’s pastor Philippe Demeestère and two activists Anaïs Vogel and Ludovic Holbein-and they demanded that the winter break be completely stopped during the strike, Monday Take effect.

Fear of returning to the “jungle”

But the state representative’s statement also responded to a fear: ” The government is worried that the “jungle” will be rebuilt in Calais“Five years after this huge camp was demolished in October 2016, as many as 10,000 candidates gathered in the UK under chaotic humanitarian conditions.

Didier Leschi explained: “This fear is related to the scale of the flow of people: since the beginning of this year, nearly 40,000 people have arrived” on the north coast.

“When people risk their lives to cross the English Channel, the state cannot deliberately allow the organization of secret departure bases for England,” he added.

Inadequate announcements by humanitarians

However, the local associations considered these announcements to be insufficient, and they continued to demand a “suspended” evacuation. Therefore, after expressing regret over the “electoralist” visit last week, they closed the door for discussion on Tuesday afternoon.

“What the government is proposing is not the end of deportation, the end of harassment, and the end of inhuman and degrading treatment during the winter vacation”, Diane Léon, coordinator of the Northern World Medical Association, expressed regret.

The promises made on Tuesday are “exactly the same” as the failed promises discussed last week. Nathanaël Caillaux from Secours Catholique lamented: “We have not seen how these proposals will change people’s lives and will allow those who are harassed every day and no longer be harassed. Harassment”.

The hunger strike protesters who have settled in the Saint-Pierre church in Calais for more than three weeks are also planning to continue the showdown.


Like the association, they condemned the confiscation of immigrants’ meager personal belongings. Optional eviction“It is necessary to allow people to restore the possibility of personal belongings before the asylum action”. At this point, the boss of Ofii posed a “real question”.

Specifically, immigrants will now be given “approximately 45 minutes” to deal with their affairs: “There will be no more sudden evacuation,” the mediator promised, while ensuring that the plunder of the country “will be passed before each evacuation.” “Conduct social diagnosis together with the association.

An “airlock” will also be set up to provide transportation Allow exiles to arrive at the accommodation center “every morning”.

Didier Leschi estimates that all these proposals may come into effect on the “weekend”.

At the end of the day’s meeting, especially at the end of the meeting with the strikers, the mediator stated that he hoped that “the solution to be implemented will ultimately show the will of the state.”

Agence France-Presse

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