C. Tangana x Bershka, the El Madrileño collection that will be a bestseller


Antón Álvarez Alfaro, better known by his stage name C. Tangana goes to more. And it is that the rapper and singer not only wants to stay with his musical style but also in fashion. That’s why it’s now launched collection C. Tangana x Bershka where you can discover what El Madrileño wears.

In this collaboration with Bershka, you will see top clothes that are destined to become a bestseller. Although the singer has already commented that he would launch his own clothing line.

How is the C. Tangana x Bershka collection?

Explosive But full of elegance and nods to Spanish and Latin fashion. Because there is one mix everything with pants, jackets, jumpsuits, tops and accessories, for everyone and even satin pajamas, in C. Tangana style for them.

For this reason, these garments stand out, especially because they are unisexAlthough we also find dresses and others for women and pants for them but which you can wear to be much more comfortable at home.

That is, there are men’s suggestions that suit you well because they are made for you to wear at different times of the day.

Red dress to kill

Among these, the red long-sleeved velvet dress stands out, which consists of at least 25% recycled polyester.

This fiber comes from the recycling of PET plastics, such as water bottles. By converting this waste into a new resource, we reduce the production of new raw materials and the consumption of water, energy and resources, according to Bershka.


The set jacket, top and pants it is total. In brown, these are three garments that you can completely combine. It is made of 100% polyurethane and the base fabric is 100% polyester.

C. Tangana x Bershka, the El Madrileño collection that will be a bestseller

It is a model to wear on your special occasions or shop there. She has the style needed now and she is very Tangana.

Sweater with round neck

Dress like El Madrileño with this C. Tangana x Bershka collection. For example, with this sweater, super comfortable, in navy blue, which is made of 100% cotton and part of polyester. The details are elastane.

You wear this garment at home, because you should also be good and practical when no one sees you or yes, because it is a good garment for your video conferencing, whether at work or with your friends. Well, even if it is smaller, this type of communication does not end and is still expanding.

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