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Whether for a company or as a freelancer, we cannot live without a computer in a telecommuting environment. Microsoft Office is the precursor to the modern telecommuting or “home office”. Despite the amazing changes brought about by new technologies in recent years, we still use the same platforms and tools: PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, slideshows, and email, all of which are inseparable from the Windows computer operating system.

From now on, a well-configured computer will be your best productivity ally! As the labor market and economic environment have evolved in recent years, saving money has become an important criterion. If buying a new computer is too expensive to work, why not consider upgrading your Windows and Office?

How can I get Windows and Office at a lower price?

Your first thought is to go to the official Microsoft website, but the high price makes you hesitate. Wondering how to get the same product and save a lot of money?so go Keysfan Software Websitewhich just launched its spring sale ! A great opportunity to acquire Microsoft Office and Windows licenses for individuals and professionals at an affordable price.

For example, you can benefit from Windows 11 Pro from €7.5or a sequel Microsoft Office 2021 Pro Plus from €14.75.

Current Offer (Limited Time)

To have the best working conditions, you need a good operating system and software support. For less than 8 euros, you will have a fully legal Windows 10 license without the need for a specific activator.

“Buy 3, Get 1 Free” Offer (Limited Time)

Enjoy up to 66% off on Windows OS and MS Office (Coupon Code: BET66)

Don’t forget to use promo code BET66 to benefit from discounts on these software.

How to order on KeyFan?

Keysfan is a recognized player that provides keys purchased from software publishers. He then resells them on the consumer market for much cheaper. You can find popular products from Microsoft, as well as many computer tool software (system tool software, security antivirus software and iObit series…) The purchase process is simple, there are many payment methods, and free shipping. All special discounts shown above are time-limited and while stocks last. So if you want to upgrade your computer software, don’t wait to take advantage of one of these special offers. In the end, you get everything!

Half price windows: -50% off! (Promo code: BET50)

The promo code for these products is code BET50.

Best deals for working from home (promo code: BET62)

The promo code for these products is code BET62.

Utilities for your computer

If you want to learn more about Keysfan, you can go directly to the Keysfan website or check out user reviews on TrustPilot!
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Article produced in collaboration with the Keysfan team.

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