Busquets will only continue in the national team if Luis Enrique asks him to


Sergio Busquets you have to decide your future with spanish selection after being eliminated in the round of 16 Qatar World Cup in the hands of Morocco. The captain continues to be an important piece for a Luis Enrique that his future is up in the air, but at the moment he is inclined to end his adventure Spain. Only the Asturian’s continuity and his express request to continue could make him change his mind, but a few hours after the failure of the World Cup, the feeling in the environment of the midfield is that his last international game was played at Education City Stadium.

Sergio Busquets He faces an important season in his career. If nothing changes, he will leave the Barcelona at the end of the course to end his days playing minor league soccer. Your future can pass United States. At the same time, you have to decide if you’re trying to reach the euro 2024 with the spanish selection or not. After seeing his performance at the worldwhere he was physically overtaken by his rivals, everything suggests that he will stop playing with Spain.

“I do not agree that this will be his last worldmy goal is to convince him to play a world more”, assured the Asturian in a press conference before the start of the world championship in Doha. The reality is that at this time his presence at the event to be held in 2026 at United States, Mexico and Canada seems impossible and what is much more real is that Qatar attended the last match of the only Spanish world champion who continues to defend the jersey of the national team.

Chronicle of an announced withdrawal

Yes, as it seems and nothing changes, Busquets stop being a player spanish selectionwill do so after winning a worldnail eurocup and after defending the jersey of Spain in 142 games. After being eliminated, he did not wish to comment on his future, but everything indicates that his beautiful history with the national team has come to an end.


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