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After the passage of Hurricane Fiona, which caused the collapse of the electricity and water supply, the vast majority of businesses on some of the busiest shopping streets in the metropolitan area were unable to open their doors, with the exception of some restaurants and shops. , auto parts and services.

The REPRESENTATIVE visited Boulevard Avenue in Levittown, Cataño and Roosevelt Avenue in Hato Rei and was able to see that most of the businesses such as boutiques, medical and professional offices, beauty salons, hairdressers, jewelry stores and spas, among others, have not yet opened to the public. However, many of the car-related businesses such as parts and tire service outlets, as well as fast food restaurants and small restaurants, welcomed customers.

An example of businesses that are recovering is the old Rudiana Restaurant on Roosevelt Avenue, which tried to stay open as long as possible despite the lack of electricity and water.

“On Saturday we work until 17:00, and on Sunday we do not work at all, but since Monday we have been working as usual. More people came on Monday than usual because they don’t have water or electricity and come for breakfast and lunch. Today, Tuesday, the flow was quite normal,” explained Nani Soriano, restaurant manager.

There is still no drinking water in this sector of the agglomeration, but in some places there is already electricity, which reduces the economic effect.

“It dawned on us, but in recent days a lot has been spent on diesel fuel for the power plant. We are waiting for the delivery of the food stock, which went well, so we are not worried,” Soriano added.

The Pieces Plus mall on Boulevard Avenue is already open, although store manager Edwin Ortiz admitted that the amount received was less than usual.

“Today we have a plant, but we already have water. Few customers arrived yesterday, we only sold a few parts, but today more came to buy something for the power plants, like oil and gallons of gasoline,” he said.

When asked if he was worried about the distribution of his supplies due to the bad luck related to the aftermath of the hurricane, Ortiz was confident that everything would go smoothly once the country recovered.

“We are not worried. You can search for diesel and trucks can arrive without any incident,” Ortiz said.

On this busy avenue in Levittown, a number of open restaurants, bakeries and food trucks have been spotted that are powered by electric generators and cisterns.

“We open from Monday at 14:00 and the number of customers remains normal,” said Paloma Concepción, an employee at Sabor Frappé.

Gerardo Rivera, an employee at Quita y Pon, a store that sells products for cars and power plants, said they are accepting customers.

“They came to buy power plants and some car parts. We start working on Monday, and from today Tuesday we are already working according to the usual schedule. We have water and we have a power generation plant, we were able to solve this problem,” he said.

As for dry cleaners Narváez, they have started to serve the public on a limited basis. “We receive clothes and deliver them ready-made, but at the moment we are not doing ironing and washing,” explained laundry employee Milly Narvaez.

Hight Times Grocery has seen more pickup orders.

“Most customers order takeout and come to play the lottery,” said Pedro Rivera, manager of colmado, where many consumers order takeaway alcoholic drinks and snacks.

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