Burrata Cheese is tastier than mozzarella cheese- Here is why!


Burrata Cheese is a very popular type of cheese in Italy and it was first originated in Italy as well. It was firstly created in the farming town of Angria in Murgia. And it was solely available in that region until the 1950s. However, after that, the regional factories started producing this cheese so it became readily available in other parts of Italy as well. Soon after this, it became very popular because this cheese was different from the Mozeralla cheese and it was something that people had not tasted before. According to a lot of people, Burrata Cheese is considered to be a hell lot tastier than mozzarella cheese. So, further on in this blog post, we are going to discuss the reasons why this is the case. So without further ado, let’s start!

The taste of Burrata Cheese is almost irresistible

People who have tried Burrata Cheese say that the cheese is so tasty that it is almost irresistible. The flavor is almost indescribable because the sweet, rich cream and curd yield the essence of freshness and delicacy. The whole cream is extremely milky which gives off a taste that you would have never eaten before. Though this cheese has a lot of resemblance to mozzarella cheese at the first glance because the outer casing is a solid cheese as you dig deeper, you will notice that the inside is extremely soft, full of creamy richness, and full of stracciatella. This is also the reason why its taste is so different and irresistible for a lot of people. 

Burrata is unique from the rest of the mozzarella cheese usually found in the market

As we discussed earlier, burrata is harder from the inside and extremely soft, and full of cream from the inside with stracciatella. This is the quality that makes it different from other cheese like Mozerella. The reason behind this is that mozzarella can be found in the semi-soft or fresh blocks but it comes with a filing. Also, mozzarella has more of a delicate taste with an elastic texture whereas burrata is a lot softer and very rich in taste because of all the cream it is composed of. 

Burrata Cheese is freshly made

We know that anything that has a fresh taste is a lot tastier and more flavourful than the things that are normally found in the cold store or are processed. So, another reason why burrata cheese is preferred by such a large audience is that it is freshly made. Its outer shell is usually made from cow’s milk or buffalo milk and then the inner center is filled with fresh cream and curds. Whereas, mozzarella cheese is a party freshly made and partly made from processed ingredients. This is because the fresh mozzarella is made from the whole milk and then the processed version comes in the whole milk. At the burrata house, we use freshly made burrata cheese in our ingredients which makes our recipes extremely delicious. 

Burrata restaurants are expensive

Another thing that we would like to add over here is that eating in burrata restaurants is extremely expensive. This is because most of their recipes are made up of burrata cheese which is a lot more expensive to get in the market than mozzarella cheese. This is because of the cost of ingredients, labor, perishability, and most importantly the shipping costs. Though, spending that much money on eating this cheese is worth it. 

In the next section, we are going to discuss some commonly asked questions about Burrata Cheese.

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Commonly Asked Questions:

Why is burrata stored in the water?

Burrata is stored in water because of its high water content and soft texture that it has. Therefore, you must store it in water because if you store it in the same way as the other cheeses then it will lose its shape and flatten out over time. 

Is burrata like ricotta?

Burrata and ricotta both taste similar but the texture of burrata is looser, creamier, and richer which makes it much more similar to the ricotta cheese. However, the texture of this comes from the curd and cream in the center of a ball of burrata. 

Is burrata cheese tasty?

Burrata cheese is very tasty and the flavor of it is almost indescribable. The sweet, rich cream and curds give off an essence of freshness and delicacy. It will be the milkiest thing that you would have ever eaten. Initially, it was made up of milk of water buffalo like mozzarella cheese but with time but today, it is produced using cow’s milk. 

Is burrata supposed to taste sour?

The softshell of the burrata contrasts the sumptuously creamy exterior. The mild, smooth, and fresh sheath of mozzarella give way to a rich buttery inside composed of spreadable strings soaked in cream with a slightly sour finish.


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