Bulls of Las Ventas are on display again in Batana.

One of the main requirements of bullfighting enthusiasts who usually visit Monument to Las Ventas For many years it was possible to see again the bullfights that were supposed to take place in the bullring on Alcalá Street a few days before in the corrals that are located in Venta del Batan. Eighteen years have passed since the bluetongue epidemic, and farmers’ disagreements put an end to this tradition.

However, the arrival of the bullfighter Miguel Abellan to Bullfighting Center of the Community of Madrid and the fact that the regional and local administrations once again agreed on what to do with these dependencies located in the Casa de Campo, unblocked this demand from the fans. New performance features Bullring Las Ventas claims that the bulls are being returned to Batan and the Plaza 1 Company complies.

Although the bulls that are going to fight in Las Ventas are returning to Batan, this is not the first time cattle have been exhibited in this enclosure in the past eighteen years. Last June Bullfight Club 3 Puyazo He organized a fair for the fans and a few days before brought cattle from different herds that had a fight.

Not all the bulls of the autumn fair

A few days before the start Madrid Autumn Fair in Las Ventas the bulls have already begun to arrive in Batan. In the meantime, you can see the gobies Fountain Imbro who open the autumn cycle of bullfighting on Saturday October 1st with Victor Hernandez and Alvaro Alarcón and the bulls Adolfo Martin to the next day’s bullfight, which will confirm the alternative of Adrián de Torres along with Roman and Chenel Cup finalist Ángel Sanchez.

Batanian pens.

In this regard, not all the bulls of the autumn cycle will be shown on Venta del Batan. In addition to those mentioned above, you will be able to see the bulls from Fuente Imbro for the bullfight on October 9th with Miguel Angel Perera, Juan Leal and Alvaro Lorenzo and the bullfight Valdellane October 6th for Con Lamote, Diego Garcia and Jorge Martinez. The rest of the bull runs (El Pilar, Puerto de San Lorenzo and Victoriano del Rio) will not be visible a few days before at this location.

On the first day of the opening of Venta del Batan, a large number of fans gathered and went to see the bulls, which are already on display until October 7 next year, in non-stop from 10:00 a.m. at 19:00. The bullfighting school of José Cubero Yio is again in the same building and you can see how she trains her students.

High hopes for bullfighting 12-O

The closing of ticket sales for the Fall Fair showed an increase of 1675 compared to the last San Isidro fair. reached 15,711 subscribers. And the sale of single tickets, which opens up the price liberalization that led to the new specifications of Las Ventas, showed that there are high expectations for the bullfighting Hispanidad, which closes the bullfighting season in Monumental.

On that day of bullfighters Alejandro Talavante, Andres Roca Rey and the winner of the last Chenel Cup, Francisco de Manuel, will have to deal with the running of the bulls Victoriano del Río. The Roca Rey blockbuster could make it the first bullfight of this fall fair to feature a “No Hay Tickets” sign. The Peruvian star is insurance for the box office and more as the company announced that there will be no TeleMadrid or Canal Toros cameras in this cycle.

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Another poster selling tickets is a poster for Saturday, October 8 with bulls from Puerto de San Lorenzo and La Ventana del Puerto. That day he returns to Las Ventas Moorish from La Puebla after signing one of the most important assignments of his life at the Maestranza de Sevilla at the last fair of San Miguel. Accompanying the seasoned cigar maker is veteran Useda Leal and past San Isidro winner and outspoken Madrid Fair bullfighter Ángel Telles.

Entrance to Venta del Batan.

All posters of the Autumn Fair

  • Saturday 1/10. Bullfighting with pickaxes. Driving from Fuente Imbro to Victor Hernandez and Alvaro Alarcon (hand in hand).
  • Sunday 2/10. Bullfighting. Bulls by Adolfo Martin for Adrián de Torres (confirmation), Roman and Angel Sanchez.
  • Thursday 6/10. Bullfighting with pickaxes. Driving from Valdelan for Jon Lamothe (presentation), Diego Garcia and Jorge Martinez.
  • Friday 7/10. Bullfighting. Bulls from El Pilar for Diego Urdiales, Juan Ortega and Pablo Aguado.
  • Saturday 8/10. Bullfighting. Bulls from Puerto de San Lorenzo / La Ventana del Puerto for Useda Leal, Morante de la Puebla and Angel Telles.
  • Sunday 9/10. Bullfighting. Bulls from Fuente Imbro for Miguel Angel Perera, Juan Leal and Alvaro Lorenzo.
  • Tuesday 10/11. Novillada without bullfighters, End of the road to Las Ventas.
  • Spanish Heritage Day. Wednesday 10/12. Bullfighting. Bulls from Victoriano del Río / T. de Cortes for Talavante, Roca Rey and Fco de Manuel.