Bullfighter El Litri dies at 91


Bullfighter Miguel Baez Espuny liter He passed away this Wednesday in Madrid at the age of 91. Litri suffered for many years from a long illness that kept him from public life, so he could not attend the second wedding of his son, also a bullfighter with the same nickname Miguel Baez Spinola, with art historian Casilda Ibarra, which took place last. Day 14 in Seville.

Miguel Baez Espuni was born in Gandia, Valencia, but settled in Huelva from childhood. Studied with the Marist brothers and soon he felt the calling of bullfighting. He killed his first calf on June 1, 1947 in the city of Huelva Manzanilla, and shortly thereafter, on August 17, he made his debut as a novillero in Valverde del Camino, also a town in Huelva.

But only October 12, 1950. took an alternative in Valencia and he did it with the hands of Joaquin Rodriguez kagancho and in the presence Julius Aparicio.

In 1951, in his first year as a matador, El Litri competed in 67 bullfights and also confirmed his alternative in Madrid’s Plaza de las Ventas on May 17 by hand Pepe Luis Vazquez and Antonio Welcome, godfather and witness, respectively. On October 12, 1952, when he was at the top and had already fought 59 bullfights that season, he retired from the ring in Valencia and reappeared two years later.

El Litri has left the ring on several occasions: in 1957, when he successfully completed an isidril cycle in Madrid, where he cut off three ears in each of his performances after dinner; he returned in 1964, he did not fight in 1965 but fought in 1966 and 1967 when he finally retired.

He gave an alternative to his son

He later participated in some sporadic celebrations, such as in 1984 on the occasion of the opening of the La Merced bullring in Huelva, and dressed for the last time on September 26, 1987, to give an alternative to his son. Miguel Baez Spinola, literin the French Place Nimes.

Qualified as grandiose and spectacular, El Litri executed his ballet flats by looking at the line. It is still remembered when, in 1951, on the occasion of an alternative to Antonio Ordóñez in the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid, in which he acted as a witness, he lay down in front of a bull. On this occasion, too, he was victorious, cutting off three ears from each of the bulls he was fortunate enough to defeat, and exiting through the front door.

Dedicated since 1963 to the herding of wild cattle in Huelva, which was later directed by his son, in 1993 he participated in the development of the People’s Party program for the Andalusian elections the following year.

Litry has received numerous awards and honors, and a film has been made about his life. Litri and his shadow (1967) Rafael Gil. Since 2002, the city of Huelva has paid tribute to the Litri saga with a set of sculptures.

Among other things, he has been awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Charity since 1965 and the Medal of Merit for the Fine Arts, which he was awarded in 1998 by the Council of Ministers. He also held the title of adopted son of Huelva since 2000, the Andalusian medal since 2007, and the gold medal of the Provincial Council of Huelva in 2010.


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