Buffalo shooting suspect Payton Gendron: 15 people joined Gendron’s chat before the massacre


TI have buffalo shooting is still present in the mind and heart of society.

Tragic event committed Payton Gendron caused serious damage to the families and friends of the predominantly black population.

According to CNN, white supremacist and local terrorist Payton Gendron spent disagreements called “Happening: These are not exercises.”

CNN reported that 15 people joined the Grendron space briefly before killing 10 people at the grocery store.

The information suggests that Payton Gendron just invited people to discord half an hour before terrorizing the black community.

Media Network Revealed chat which included months of posts written by the same Gendron.

Posts illustrated it white supremacist views and how I researched Tops Friendly Markets to kill as many minorities as possible as much as possible

Gendron wrote racist profanity on assault weapons I used to kill these 10 people.

The platform proved to the Washington Post that 15 people joined the conversation from a domestic terrorist.

“The copy of the invitation reviewed by the newspaper states that accepted users can also view video stream orf shooting through an account link on Twitch, a video streaming service where Gendron allegedly broadcast the video about his attack,” wrote the New York Post.

However, Discord has information about what happened on his platform. There is no more proof that users witnessed the live broadcast Gendron’s murders.

Grandon met with the families of the victims

Payton Grandon a total of 10 people died. I have appeared in court on Thursday pay for what he did.

When he entered the yard, the relatives of the people he had killed met him with jwarned and called him a coward.

Gendron never looked into my eyes none of these relatives.

He was surrounded by a lot police elements in a typical orange jumpsuit with chains on his legs and arms.


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