Buddha massacre not a montage: Russian soldier’s recordings attest to shootings and civilian deaths


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This Butcha massacre is not a setting From Ukraine, as Russia claims.Documenting German espionage Conversation between Russian soldiers In Bucha, it is alleged that the shooting of civilians was Russian war strategy in that country.

The BND (an acronym for the German Federal Spy Service) captured radio conversations between the Russian military in which the deaths of civilians were mentioned.

In a report published Thursday by the German weekly mirror, In these conversations it is even possible to link several cases Civilian found dead on the streets of Butcha with what they say.

‘They were shot’

In one of the audios, a soldier recounts how he and other soldiers opened fire People who ride bicycles for no reason. In another conversation captured by BND, a man was heard saying “Civilians were interrogated first and then they were shot.” “We don’t care,” he added.

The German weekly confirmed that the recordings, which were presented in the German parliament on Wednesday, were linked to the deaths of Ukrainian civilians from BND material. Member of the Wagner Group, “Already distinguished for his exceptional cruelty in his intervention in Syria”.

Buddha statue becomes symbol of war horror in Ukraine

mirror The wiretapping of the BND showed that Shooting civilians is not an isolated operation Testimony of some soldiers who testified that the Russian army talked about the acts committed every day.

“This shows the fact of killing civilians is part of the Russian military operation, May be part of a clear strategy. It’s about spreading fear and terror among civilians to remove their resistance,” the publication said.

Russian-Ukrainian War


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