Bud Spencer has a museum in Berlin: Slap Star arouses enthusiasm among Germans


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With the opening of the Berlin Museum this summer, Berlin has expanded its offer for museums Bud Spencer Museum, Which contains an exhibition dedicated to European movie stars who are particularly beloved in Germany.

There are more than 170 museums in Berlin. Some of them are well worth visiting the German capital because they can see the bust of Nefertiti, an invaluable treasure from the 14th century BC, or the Pergamon Altarpiece, an immortal gem from the Greek era.

However, in addition to the classic tour of visiting the art galleries of Berlin’s Museum Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this German metropolis has other exhibition centers, although they are not of much cultural significance for capital letters, of course popular .

General image of the exhibits in the Bud Spencer Museum.


Along these routes, the latest museum to open is the Bad Spencer Museum. This is the name of the Unter der Linden exhibition on the boulevard in the center of the capital, very close to the Brandenburg Gate and Museum Island. The exhibition is dedicated to showcasing the genius and characters of Carlo Pedersoli, Known as Bud Spencer. This name is the name he bears during his nearly 6 years of working on film and television.

famous Western pasta “They call him Trinidad” and “They always call him Trinidad”, filmed in the 70s Terrance Hill, Or movies in which he was a solo star in the 1980s, such as “Banana Joe” or “Aladdin”, are just a few titles that have shaped legends that have left a large number of fans. His followers became orphaned on June 27, 2016, the day he died.

Obviously, there may be more fans in Germany than Bud Spencer stayed in Italy. As a result, the Bard Spencer Museum exhibition was a success when it opened in Palermo in 2019. It has now moved to Berlin and plans to stay there for a year.

Matteo ManciniThe person in charge of the exhibition believes that Berlin is now the seat of the Bad Spencer Museum, which is a typical taste of German organizations. “As always, the Germans are very organized, For 20 years, we have organized a festival dedicated to Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. We have a very broad and highly organized base of these movie lovers,” Mancini explained to EL ESPAÑOL.

Bud Spencer projected his personal belongings on the TV next to the showcase.

Bud Spencer projected his personal belongings on the TV next to the showcase.


In his opinion, the success of the films of these two Italians with the Anglo-Saxon stage name in Germany is because “the German dubbing of their films is very good.”

Translated well or not, many of Bud Spencer’s films are Slap in the faceSome of the most fabulous scenes of Spencer and Mario Girotti (Terence Hill’s real name) handing out firewood can be seen in the Bud Spencer Museum. Several of his westerns were shot in Fuerte Bravo in the Almería Desert.

In Berlin, Sample of Bud Spencer, Organization in cooperation with the Pedersoli family, Exhibits a lot of personal belongings of actors. With about 300 works, the Bud Spencer Museum proved that its goal of discovering the “man” Bud Spencer was correct.

Laborers and music producers

The fact is that he is not only an internationally renowned Italian actor. The young Carlo Pedersoli is the son of a wealthy family. His father is Italian and his mother is German. He left his comfortable family nest and went to live in Latin America. “When he was young, he worked in a Fiat factory and also as a worker on the Venezuelan Pan-American Highway.”To sum up Mancini. While proudly displaying the multimedia gallery set up in Berlin, visitors can see Bud Spencer’s multi-faceted vision. “There are many things,” said the exhibition curator.

Bud Spencer slapped fabulously in one of his movies.

Bud Spencer slapped fabulously in one of his movies.


In addition to working as an assembly line worker in the automotive and construction industries in Latin America, Carlo Pedersoli has also served as He is the champion of Italian swimming, freestyle and medleyHe participated in the Helsinki Olympics in 1952 and the Melbourne Olympics in 1956, but he left the sport and devoted himself to producing music for TV commercials. After borrowing 2 million lire in 1967, he was able to get on the big screen.

“He owed debts to support his wife and children because he didn’t want to ask his family for money. It was through this debt that he started making movies,” Mancini recalled, while showing the original documents. They gave an explanation of the responsibility.

Success in the cinema is not the only thing he is committed to. He did a lot of TV and commercials. His height of 1.92 meters and weight of 125 kilograms make him clear in front of the camera.

But Bud Spencer He is still a pilot and has enough time to start a civil aviation company. He founded Mistral Air in 1981. His current name is Poste Air Cargo. At that time, their plane was flying between Sicily and the surrounding islands.

An object that can see the face of Bud Spencer's aviation pilot.

An object that can see the face of Bud Spencer’s aviation pilot.


“At the end of his life, he also wrote some books, translated into German and Hungarian,” Mancini said, pointing to the exposed biography of the actor.The German copy is marked with best seller From the famous German weekly Der Spiegel.

Success in communist countries

At that time, communist Hungary and the defunct German Democratic Republic (GDR) were the countries where Bud Spencer achieved the status of “superstar”. According to Mancini, this success comes from many other communist Eastern European countries because their cultural products are “allowed Western products.”

“They are products from the United States, but they are not from the United States,” the head of the Bud Spencer Museum added. “They are movies liked by the values ​​they convey in a simple and fun way. That is, friendship, justice and defending the weakest,” Mancini explained.

Personal belongings of Bud Spencer.

Personal belongings of Bud Spencer.


There are two awards to showcase his acting career, including the Medal of Merit of the Republic of Italy (the highest honor awarded by the Italian head of state), and a performance space that begins and ends with a souvenir shop and cafe. Obviously, according to the terminology used by its manager, the Bad Spencer Museum is above all a “caring and caring commercial operation”.

So for the coffee growers of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, in that commercial space, Terrance Mountain Coffee Brand Coffee, Mugs and clothes with the face of Bud Spencer, and even the man’s official watch. In addition to hitting his enemies in the movie several times, there are still some people still today Celebrating hours of entertainment.


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