Bucha massacre undermines EU unity as Germany refuses to give up Russian gas


Massacre by Russian troops in the Ukrainian city of Bukha will be a turning point in the Ukrainian war Vladimir Putin. “Heartbreaking images” of civilians being executed and abandoned in the streets have caused an uproar in European capitals.The carnage started Real knock on door forces EU to make tough decisions. Europeans are preparing a new package of sanctions against Moscow, especially in the energy sector, which was unthinkable just a few days ago Due to its strong economic impact on the member states themselves.

As the French president said, the first step could be an immediate embargo on Russian oil and coal, as they are easier to substitute than pipeline gas, Emmanuel Macron. And, despite Putin’s “war crimes”, Germany and Austria In its Firmly oppose turning off gas taps Coming from Russia, this has led to the worst split within the alliance since the conflict began.

“The disturbing images of massive civilian casualties, and the destruction of civilian infrastructure, show the true face of Russia’s brutal war of aggression against Ukraine and its people. Massacre towns in Butcha and elsewhere Ukrainian Will be added to the list of atrocities committed on European soil“, said the head of community diplomacy, Joseph Borrell, this is a statement Broadcast on behalf of the 27 countries that announced the new sanctions.

Poland’s prime minister exposed growing rifts in European unity against Russia in a combative press conference, Mateusz Morawiecki, who leads those who demand a stronger hand against the Kremlin.Morawiecki broke out France and Germany have been publicly accused In recent years, his policies of appeasement have given Putin’s expansionism wings.Also, it states that Berlin is guilty of being locked down now Sanctions on Moscow tighten despite Butcha’s atrocities exposedHe assured that even the recently re-elected Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán would support the measure, despite his close ties to Putin.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at a recent press conference.


“This German politics over the past decade As a result, Russia today has the power to monopolize the sale of raw materials,” Morawiecki Complaint. German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to abandon nuclear power following the 2011 nuclear accident has increased Germany’s reliance on Russian gas through projects such as the Nord Stream 2. The gas pipeline, which Poland has been criticizing, was cancelled as soon as the war broke out, when it’s done.

Mr. Macron, how many times have you negotiated with Putin? What have you achieved? Did you stop any action that was already happening? You don’t negotiate with criminals, you have to fight criminals,” Morawiecki lashed out at the French president. At his news conference, the Polish prime minister again asked the EU to impose a total energy embargo on Russia. Brussels, Poland and Balts said they would Get its own way Lithuania announced on Sunday that it was the first country to get rid of Russia’s “toxic gas” entirely.

However, a comprehensive energy embargo on Russia continues to cause Significant reservations by many Member States, led by Germany, Austria and Hungary. Chancellor of Germany, Olaf Schultz, said a week ago that the measure would plunge his country and Europe as a whole into recession. Europeans import about 40% of their natural gas consumption from Russia, as well as 27% of their oil and 46% of their coal. A quantity that is difficult to replace in the short term, Against the backdrop of soaring prices.

Austria disapproves of more sanctions affecting natural gas. We are very dependent on Russian gas and we think sanctions that hit us harder than the Russians are not a good thing for us. That’s why we oppose sanctions on oil and gas,” Austria’s finance minister said in the Eurogroup on Monday. Magnus Bruner.

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner greeted his colleagues at the start of the Eurogroup on Monday

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner greeted his colleagues at the start of the Eurogroup on Monday


Didn’t even the Ukrainian war crimes make Austria change its position? “Of course, what happens there is very tough, but always calm on sanctions. If sanctions hurt you more than the other side, I don’t think that’s the right thing to do,” the Austrian minister replied.

Meanwhile, EU leaders are increasingly aware that their energy purchases are funding Putin’s war machine, allowing him to escape the rest of the sanctions. specific, The EU pays Russia around 700 million euros a day for gas, oil and coal, Depends on the data you process Borrell.

That’s why the European Parliament also supports a total energy embargo on the Kremlin. Around 200 MEPs from all political groups signed a joint letter calling for “Dramatically tighten sanctions on Putin’s criminal regime“After Discovery”The appalling war crimes committed by Russia in Butcha, the continued destruction of Mariupol and the deportation of thousands of Ukrainian citizens to Russia. “

MEPs specifically request A sort of Total embargo on Russian oil, gas and coal; closure of all ports to Russian ships and cargo; complete disconnection of all Russian banks from SWIFT (those that manage gas payments have survived so far); and according to the Alexei Navalny Foundation names, expanding the blacklist of sanctioned oligarchs and high-ranking officials.

First Vice-President Nadia Calviño during the Eurogroup meeting on Monday

First Vice-President Nadia Calviño during the Eurogroup meeting on Monday


For her part, First Vice President Nadia Calviño, Avoid clarifying whether Pedro Sanchez’s government will support the EU energy embargo After the Bukha massacre, there was a full-scale counterattack against Russia. “Spain’s position is clear: to close any possible gaps, to try to impose effective sanctions so that we can achieve the desired goal as soon as possible, which is to stop Putin’s war, with minimal cost and negative impact on the European economy and society‘, he limited himself to pointing out.

The complete shutdown of Russia’s gas taps remains an issue in Berlin, making the same arguments as Calvino. “We want to be reduce dependence on Russian energy imports to the EU in a short period of time, and Germany to back new sanctions on Russia“German finance minister, liberal says Christian Lindner.

“We have to put more pressure on Putin, we have to isolate Russia, we have to cut off all economic relations with Russia. But it is not possible to cut off the gas supply at present. We need some time, so we now have to differentiate between oil, coal and gas,” argued Lindner. Does that mean Berlin will support an oil and coal embargo against Russia? “I wouldn’t speculate,” he said. .

don’t pretend, German finance minister unveils compromise solution the EU is working on. This embargo will only affect oil and coal, which are easier to substitute than natural gas, especially oil and coal that arrives by pipeline. This consensus approach was also proposed by Macron himself in an interview on French radio.

French President Emmanuel Macron at a recent campaign rally

French President Emmanuel Macron at a recent campaign rally


There are very clear signs that war crimes have been committed“, the French president condemned in an interview with Inter France. “What happened in Boucha requires a new round of sanctions and very clear measures, so we will coordinate with our European partners, especially with Germany,” the French president said. Announce.

I believe in oil and coal we should be able to move forward. Clearly we have to move forward with sanctions. We cannot accept this,” Macron insisted. Both Poland and the European Parliament have called for a new emergency summit of European leaders to discuss these issues, but there are currently no calls. The first debate will take place next Wednesday at the level of ambassador.

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