Buccaneers 21-24 Colts Live: Wentz Intercepted, Buccans Seek To Take The Lead


TI have Indianapolis Colts (6-5) will conduct Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3) at 1:00 pm ET Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

V Colts have won five of their last six games and are 3-3 home. Tampa, with Tom brady in the lead, lost two of their last away games and two of their last three games overall.

Follow the game with BRAND English’s coating.

3rd 5:37 Wentz intercepted

Antoine Winfield shows his thumbs up and says, “Here I am.” After a long pass from the left to Michael Pittman, the Buccaneers defender waits and intercepts defender Colt Carson Wentz’s shot. Winfield is racing 30 yards to put Tampa on the 35 yard line. Indianapolis’ unforced error.

3rd place 8:10 TOUCHDOWN Fournette! Buccaneers 21-24 Colts

The Colts are again paying dearly for their mistakes. After a defensive tamper and a loose ball, Tomb Brady moves forward with Rob Gronkowski and Leonard Fournett, his team’s MVP this afternoon, who caught his third touchdown with a four yard carry.

3rd 11:05 Fumble!

Shaquille Barrett comes up with another important defensive play for the Buccaneers. After a solid advance from Carson Wentz and his attack, the Tampa Bay defender took advantage of the gap to hit the quarterback, causing a groping. The offensive streak dates back to Tom Brady. Increases visitor confidence.

3rd 14:58 Wentz moves the chains, Colts offensive

Nothing stops Carson Wentz. The Colts quarterback finds Michael Pittman running 38 yards in two games to put his team on the back burner. The buccaneers were unable to solve their defensive tasks.

HALF-TIMES: Colt Buccaneers 14-24

2nd place 0:22 JOIN the Hilton! Buccaneers 14-24 Colt

Under Carson Wentz’s leadership, the Colts continue to harm pirates. At the end of the first half, the Indianapolis quarterback finds Michael Pittman and Jack Doyle, his favorite offensive options. TY Hilton finishes this great streak with a 4-yard touchdown.

2nd 2:00 FOUNDATION Furnett! – Buccaneers 14-17 Colts

Tom Brady reboots and finds Leonard Fournett with a short 4 yards pass and saves the pirates. This is the second touchdown of Fournett, one of the best players of the day. Succop scored extra points. The game now remains open to both teams.

2nd place 3:07 Confusion on the boxes

Confusion gripped the pirates. Brady’s interception gave life to the Colts and also took away the confidence of his teammates. However, Tampa Bay wants to get closer to the scoreboard to stay in the fight.

2nd place at 5:12 am JOIN Doyle! Buccaneers 7-17 Colts

Carson Wentz throws a short right pass at Jack Doyle, who dives 15 yards to score for the Colts. Doyle took advantage of a mistake made by Tom Brady, who threw himself into his previous offensive streak and allowed Indianapolis to advance into the red zone.

2nd 10:50 Brady intercepted

Tom Brady makes his first mistake of the day. Following Carson Wentz’s blast, the Buccaneers quarterback attempts a 30+ yard pass to Miller and is intercepted by Isaiah Rogers on the Indianapolis 10-yard line.

2nd 11:52 DRAFT Doolin! – Buccaneers 7-10 Colts

What a spectacular performance! Carson Wentz throws a 62-yard pass to Ashton Doolin, who finds his way clear and scores for the Colts. The buccaneers gave the Indianapolis quarterback time and space and paid dearly for it. It was an effective blitz.

2nd 13:22 JOIN Fournett! – Buccaneers 7-3 Colt

Two airliners by Leonard Fournett put Tampa Bay in the Promised Land. Tom Brady catches a dash and overtakes the Colts defenders, but he is stopped by millimeters. On his third innings of the series, Fournett runs one yard and scores the Buccaneers. Ryan Saccop counts the extra points.

1st place 0:12 Tampa advancing

Tom Brady takes advantage of Colts’ mistakes and moves into the red zone. Cameron Breit places the Buccaneers on the 10-yard line at the end of the first quarter. It looks like this is the best chance for visitors.

1st 2:44 Nothing of the sort!

The Colts are messing around. Carson Wentz makes a short pass to the right to Zach Pascal, but Mike Edwards takes the ball and runs 12 yards. The first major pirate defense game since the zero start.

1st Place 3:47 Another false start for the Bucs

The buccaneers stopped Carson Wentz’s attack. Another attempt by Tom Brady, who was never able to figure out the Colts defense. It looks like today is a tough day for the Tampa Bay attack. Leonard Fournett was unable to contact his protector.

1st 7:35 am Brady wakes up slowly

The Colts are flipping the ball. The pirates have another chance to gain yards. Not a great start for Tom Brady. Its tight ends came under pressure from the Colts defenders. In addition, the Buk was nearly intercepted in the air.

1st place 9:33 Wentz tries to go forward

Carson Wentz takes off and approaches Jack Doyle. This is a moment of confusion for the pirates after finding the ball and failing to protect Tom Brady. The Colts quarterback gained confidence after his first streak.

1st 10:23 am Fumble!

Tom Brady tries Rob Gronkowski and Chris Godwin, but is stopped by the Colts’ defense. The Buccaneers quarterback nearly suffered an interception. After a short pass to the right to Godwin, Sendejo triggers a fumble and returns it to the Colts.

1st 12:27 – Michael Badgley’s Field Goal – The Buccaneers 0: 3 Colts

Carson Wentz moves the chains and gets a good position on the field for the Colts. After Michael Badgley failed to advance from third place, he shot 45 yards from the field and Indianapolis took the lead in the game. The first successful series of attacks by the home team.

1st 14:11 Colts pull down the curtain

The Buccaneers failed in their first few games. Although Tom Brady was aggressive, the Colts’ defense stopped him. Now it is Carson Wentz’s turn to try to score points in his first appearance in the game.

1st 14:34 Buccaneers in attack

Tom Brady and the Buccaneers will launch their first round of attacks this Sunday against the Colts. The Tampa Bay quarterback shows aggressiveness in his first few shots.

Series history

Indianapolis and Tampa Bay have one win each in their last two games.

December 8, 2019 – Tampa Bay 38 vs. Indianapolis 35

November 29, 2015 – Indianapolis 25 vs. Tampa Bay 12

Look who is here

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady warms his hand. Brady will face a tough test this Sunday against the Colts, who were strong at home.


Tampa Bay holds a 7-3 record in the regular season. However, they lost three of his five games while playing away from home.

They lost more than 10 points to New Orleans and Washington in their last two away games.

The Buccaneers will not have Antonio Brown’s WR available for today’s game. With a 6-5 record, Indianapolis is gaining momentum.

Colts are inactive players

Here is a list of the inactive Colts players against the Buccaneers.

Buccaneers are inactive players

The Buccaneers have provided a list of inactive players to play against the Colts.

Odds and Predictions

At bookmakers, the favorites to win are the Tampa Bay Pirates.

However, according to Las Vegas, the difference between the Colts and the Bucs is just a ball in the field.

The spread of Tampa Bay to Indianapolis is -3.5. However, the Colts have not lost a game at Lucas Oil since the second week.

In addition, RB Jonathan Taylor demonstrates that he is the most explosive player in the 2021 NFL season.

Jonathan Taylor jumps 79.5 yards.

How to watch Buccaneers vs Colts

You can watch the Buccaneers and Colts play on various Fox platforms at 1:00 pm ET.

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