BTS V Releases Photo Foil Where It Appears Outside Earth.


V is one of the members of the South Korean boy group BTS. V has released three solo songs under the group’s name: “Stigma” in 2016, “Singularity” in 2018, and “Inner Child” in 2020. All three songs entered the top 100 on South Korea’s Gaon Digital Chart.

On December 8, BigHit Entertainment uploaded V’s photo folio to their Instagram. The photos are the newest part of the photography project “Special 8 Photo-Folio,” which allows BTS members to showcase their unique personalities.

V looks extremely handsome in photos. Fans are eating bananas for him. V depicted a gentleman having tea time or riding a horse against a backdrop of 19th century Europe in the preview image.

V was actively involved in the overall photography project from the planning stage to express his unique color. The expression he carries throughout the video and photos is exquisite.

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You can check BTS V’ Photo Folio here.

In the photos we can see V wearing all the fashions of the past. It brings back the aesthetics of old times and adds sparkle to the picture.

Taehyung travels back in time for his “Me, Myself and V” photo album titled “Beautiful Days” and adopts the personality of an aristocratic English gentleman who has a perfect existence in a stately country mansion surrounded by beauty and grace.

V’s innocence and luxurious appearance in photographs are like the perfect male characters in literature.

The photos from the “Special 8 Photo Foils” titled “Beautiful Days” were uploaded to the social media, driving the fans crazy. The comments were full of love and admiration from fans.

There are comments such as “My eyes popped out of their sockets”, “A poem written by itself”, “Breaths of Pride and Prejudice”, “You always make my heart beat at the same stop”.

He also co-wrote the duet “It’s Definitely You” with his bandmate Jin for the show’s soundtrack.


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