Brussels warns Poland will use “all means” to respect EU law

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this European Commission This Thursday expressed his “Worry“According to the Polish Constitution, Question the primacy of community law And warned that it will use “all tools” at its disposal to ensure that Warsaw respects EU laws and EU judgments. European Court of Justice (European Court of Justice).

We will use all the tools at our disposal to respect the founding principles of the alliance“Assure the judicial commissioner that the Belgian liberals Didier Reendez, At the press conference. Reynders avoided discussing in detail the measures Brussels might take against Poland, hiding behind the fact that he still does not know all the details of the constitutional ruling, which has not yet been announced.

In any case, the judicial commissioner emphasized that Community law takes precedence over national norms Is the EU’s “nuclear principle”Based on the primacy of three elements: the European Court of Justice’s ruling is binding on the national courts, the European Union law is higher than the national law, and the European Court of Justice has the exclusive authority to review the validity of European directives and regulations.

“Before using one or another instrument that we can use, we will spend a few hours analyzing the situation. But it’s obvious: We are worried Over the past few months, the evolution of these principles “in Poland, repeated Reynders.

“Today’s judgment in Poland cannot be without consequences. The primacy of EU law must be indisputable. Violating it means Challenge one of the founding principles of our alliance. We ask the committee to take the necessary measures,” European Parliament President David Sassoli wrote on his Twitter account.

The community executive has started Various disciplinary procedures against the Polish government The radical right has no avail so far. In fact, Warsaw refused to abide by the European Court of Justice’s decision, which is why Brussels is asking for fines for millionaires.

The committee also urged “Nuclear button‘Against the authoritarian tendencies of Poland. This is Article 7 of the treaty and will eventually lead to the suspension of Warsaw’s voting in the European Union. But its processing was blocked because it required the unanimous consent of 27 people and Hungary systematically supported Poland.

The last tool Brussels can use to counter a government under the rule of law is to freeze European aid that endangers the rule of law. At present, the committee has blocked the Polish recovery plan involving large amounts of funds: 23.9 billion In the transfer and 12.1 billion In low-interest loans, to accelerate the dual transformation of digitalization and greening.


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