Browns may suspend Deshawn Watson for the whole season, to be announced soon


BUTafter settling 20 out of 24 sexual harassment cases against him, Cleveland Browns QB Deshawn Watson the future is still up in the air. The suspension is definitely happening, but the extent of it is still unclear as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is still making a decision with his board of directors. do you have watson maintained his innocence throughout this process, but there are too many victims of his sexual harassment.

For those who don’t remember, Watson was accused of attempting to have sexual intercourse with numerous massage therapists on several occasions without their consent. The NFL claims the quarterback violated the league’s code of conduct and should be punished for it. But when will the announcement be?

July is a possible date for the announcement.

With the NFL Players Association, Deshawn Watson is preparing an appeal against any penalty. The argument used is very simple. When team owners were accused of such behavior, the NFL never penalized them. They mention people like Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, and Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder.

All these men were also accused by women and did not suffer any consequences for this. The NFL has set July 22 as the date the world will know how they will punish Deshawn Watson, but the picture doesn’t look good for him.

What surprised everyone the most was that this punishment could have been much harsher than previously thought. According to Pro Football Network, the Cleveland Browns are already waiting for a lengthy suspension of their quarterback. As the NFLPA fears this suspension could last the entire 2022 season, maybe even indefinitely.

If this happens, Deshawn Watson will lose a whole year playing football. Did this possible punishment serve as a star? Such disciplinary action has been taken against other players who have committed crimes before, in many cases players receive even longer suspensions than the entire season. It all depends on the crime and its legal aspects.


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