Brown and Black Lefties Sock Boots


While it might be too early to tell as fall is just beginning, we’ve found the best track soles of the season!it comes from New Lefty Favorites, so it’s a great value, and it has everything to make it your favorite: it’s comfortable, stylish, and goes with everything. Without a doubt, the Lefties track shoe is one of the big discoveries of 2022.

southpaw track swag

It is a boot with two well differentiated parts. On the one hand, the instep, made of polyurethane and brown. The walking stick, on the other hand, is made of polyester and green. So if you wear it with pants the “visible” part will be like any other boot and you will enjoy the comfort of the “sock” style cuffs, Maximum comfort through flexibility.

Another advantage of the sock bootie shaft is that Precise fit for all leg thicknesses. Also, it is very easy to remove and install. Beyond that, we have to add that for winter it’s much warmer than a boot that’s all polyurethane.

Refers Track soles, also known as a trail sole, is perfect for this time of year as it insulates and protects the foot from the cold and wetness of the ground. An ankle boot that you will wear every day because it is so comfortable, plus it goes with all the outfits in your wardrobe.

Go to the office, you can use a set of classic White poplin shirt, knitted vest and flared or culottes jeans. Choose some brown knitted vests to complement the shoes.

Of course, it’s an ankle boot and looks great with a short skirt.The apron is the star outfit of the season, so you can Opt for a corduroy apron to wear with a floral shirt. As a coat, nothing beats a fur coat.

Boots for sale at Lefties online store EUR 29.99 Wide range, from 36 to 41. Shipping to the store is free. You can also check if your nearest Lefties store is in stock by entering your number and zip code.


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