Brooklyn Nets lost again at home to the Oklahoma City Thunder



01/14/2022 –

TOafter an impressive game vs Chicago Bulls, Brooklyn Nets they were expected to lower their level of performance tonight compared to Oklahoma City Thunder. Of the three All-Stars they have on their roster, only James Harden was available to play that evening. Steve Nash decision to leave Kevin Durant on the sidelines directly related to the number of minutes he has played this season. Despite the fact that in recent days he has stated that he wants to play everything, during deep down he knows he needs to be fresh in the second half of the season. If networks become as strong as they were on the road with Kyrie by helping them, this team can make it far into the season.

v Oklahoma City Thunder was ready to take advantage of this opportunity and make the most of the two star players who were caught in the spotlight. On the one hand Canadian Shay Gilgeus-Alexander narrowly missed a triple-double with 33 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists. his compatriot Lugenz Dort 27 rolled on the net this evening, and the Aussie Josh Giddy scored 19 points. It was a high-scoring game for the Thunder and a victory they badly needed on the road. Their record is still negative, but at least they beat one of the best teams in the world. NBA. Scoreboard ended in victory thunder 130-109.

What’s next for the Nets and Thunder?

It seems, Brooklyn Nets will continue to suffer without Kyrie Irving for a little longer as they face New Orleans Pelicans after a day’s rest next Saturday. This loss pushed them back to a 26-15 record. This victory gave thunder 14-27 record, still one of the worst in the NBA. Tomorrow after rest thunder will return home to meet Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday. I hope for networks, they will have Kevin Duran rested to play on Saturday and possibly return to their winning ways at home. That loss also gave them a tidy 11-11 at home, which is terrible for one of the best teams in the league.


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