Brooklyn Beckham pulled out of Superdry 8 months after signing a $1 million contract.


Yessuper giant fashion company Very dry completed a deal with Brooklyn Beckhameldest son of David Beckham.

Superdry and Beckham agreed on million dollar dealbut the adventure lasted eight months.

The fashion company hired Brooklyn Beckham in November as brand ambassador.

Very dry celebrated with a party the arrival of Beckham in his flagship store in London.

The party was attended by numerous guests such as Liam Gallagher’s sons Jean and Lennon, the Marchioness of Bath and Lady Kitty Spencer.

superdry boss Julian Dunkerton said, introducing Beckham: “As a business, we want to make positive change for present and future generations, a generation that Brooklyn talking to.”

Brooklyn Beckham and Superdry:

23-year-old Beckham uploaded promotional posts on 14 million Instagram followers wear Superdry clothes.

However, the relationship ended due to a conflict of interest with Brooklyn business.

Social media users fried Beckham:

Social media users were part of the end between Beckham as well as Very dry.

Beckham studied photography. However, I ran online cooking channel.

However, the son of David and Victoria Beckham cooked with ingredients of animal origin when Very dry sells vegan products.

Brooklyn’s previous posts as a brand ambassador:

“It’s so comfortable – my fiancee steals my Superdry t-shirts because they are so soft. She likes to sleep in them,” he once said.

“There’s also a jacket that I’m really connected with – it’s orange and cropped so it sits just above my butt, which I love about my t-shirts and jackets.e shoes are vegan – how is that possible?

On his Chef’s Brooklyn social media channel “chef-eater”.

Superdry comments on Brooklyn’s departure:

A spokesperson for Superdry announced the end of the agreement, saying, “We are always reviewing the ambassadors that are involved in our campaigns and have decided to work with a different range of talent.”


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