Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett ruined Russell Wilson’s rematch. Seahawks


Denver Broncos Main coach Nathaniel Hackett ruined what could have been an epic ending Russell Wilson rematch against former team Seattle Seahawks in their 2022 NFL season opening.

Upon return to LumenField on Monday, Wilson threw for 340 yards, finishing the game 29 of 42 and throwing one touchdown.

FROM 55 seconds left in the game, Wilson had the opportunity to maintain a drive on 4th and 5th but Hackett allowed the clock to reach 20 before calling a timeout.

The Broncos had all three remaining timeouts and were just outside the 50-yard line in Seahawks territory.

Wilson should have been given the opportunity to convert the first down, but Hackett instead decided to try what would have been second longest field goal in league history.

Gino Smith shines against Russell Wilson

While Wilson has come out 1 out of 5 on trips to the red zone, Gino Smith had a brilliant game for Seattle.

Smith threw for 195 yards with a 23-of-28 completion and two touchdown passes.

Despite a couple of fumbles on each side, both teams looked solid defensively and offensively, but the Broncos will need to clean up by ditching penalties.

On the other hand, for Wilson, he found an excellent offensive weapon in Jerry Judyfor 104 yards in just four receptions.

Broncos takes over Houston Texans next Sunday while the Seahawks play San Francisco 49ers.


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