‘Broken bond of trust’ between Ségolène Royal and BFMTV


She had promised to come back, but in the end she didn’t.” Guest on the show C media this sunday France 5, Mark – Olivier Fogel Back to the dispute initiated by segorena royal. On Thursday 1 September, the former presidential candidate of the Republic addressed Amnesty International about the Ukraine Bombing of maternity wards in particular, reports festival. On BFMTV, Ségolène Royal denounced “war propaganda through fear”, previously Apology on Twitter two days later “I have never denied war crimes, and if the victims think so, I am happy to apologise to them.”

To explain his remarks, to justify and apologise for himself, Mark – Olivier Fogel The former minister was then invited back to the BFMTV set. “In the end, she didn’t. She did it on a competing channel,” explained the news channel’s general manager, noting that the problem wasn’t from a competing channel. “She broke the meeting she was supposed to explain to herself. There we decided that the bond of trust with Ségolène Royal was broken, (…) I believe the bond of trust was broken,” he insisted. “It’s not the subject itself, (…) it’s the fact that there is nothing wrong with this story”.

His former partner and former President of the Republic, Francois Hollande, also talked about this controversy. “I think Ségolène Royal has a poor understanding of the situation, bad information,” he defended in front of RTL’s microphone. “She’s been led to deny them, and she’s doing well because we can’t let anything that isn’t real prevail.”

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