Brittney Griner was Biden’s top foreign policy priority


“There are a number of governments and countries…we have asked to convey how serious we are.”

What imprint did Brittney Griner’s giant sneakers have on the Biden administration’s foreign policy…compared to the 17 other Americans holed up in Russia and the hundreds around the world?

Hating the Saudi crown prince and the United Arab Emirates is obligatory among leftists even since they turned on the Muslim Brotherhood after Obama’s disastrous Arab Spring coups. Saint Khashoggi is invoked as the only martyr they already believe in. But Khashoggi had to step back for Brittney Griner.

Biden, fearful of the midterm elections, flocked to try to convince the Saudis of an energy price deal, but failed. However, he secured intervention from him for his aroused leftist racist base.

The historic prison swap that freed WNBA star Brittney Griner from a Russian gulag on Thursday was brokered by none other than the notorious Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, it was revealed Thursday.

The role of the crown prince, widely known as MBS, in the sensitive negotiations was outlined in a joint statement issued by the foreign ministries of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

“The success of the mediation efforts was a reflection of the strong and mutual friendship between your two countries and the United States of America and the Russian Federation,” the two countries wrote.

The exchange took place in Abu Dhabi: which makes the role of the United Arab Emirates very obvious. Publicly, the Biden administration has managed to anonymously snub the Saudis.

A White House official declined to elaborate on MBS’s role in launching Griner, saying: “There are a number of governments and countries that during the ordeal that Brittany has been through…we have asked to broadcast how serious we are in solving these problems.” cases once and for all, and I’ll leave the details out. But I would say that we engage with a wide range of countries so that the Russians hear from a wide range of sources about our commitment to solving what is a priority again.”

Clearly, it was a priority. And one of the first level. Above most foreign policy priorities. Brittney Griner was so prominent that she displaced Khashoggi in the priorities of the Biden administration. The only other thing she did that was midterms. But the two are connected. Biden doesn’t care for Griner, per se, but she is another means of rallying his conscience base. And a way to remind them that Biden’s priorities are racially tribal. He has his back.

The Biden administration pleaded with every country in the world to help them get their awake, anti-American stoner out of the clink, further demeaning this country and our international status.

How many other Americans detained abroad receive this treatment?

Your average American locked up on drug charges will be ignored by the administration. Unless they are very political, the secretary of state will never hear their names. Even less the president.

This is what completely unequal justice looks like. Also known as “equity”.


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